What Does Your Favourite Cake Say About You?

Forget “a moment of the lips, forever on the hips” – the cake you choose to eat can actually weigh in on your personality traits!

By Guest Styler | 23rd March 2016

Oh cake, we love thee. We’d eat you like bread every single day if you could guarantee you wouldn’t crumble in the toaster or make us gain a tonne of cake weight.

Cakes make us dance too, Belle! Image: Giphy Beauty and the beast, cake, desserts

Cakes make us do a happy dance too, Belle! Image: Giphy

Whether you eat it with a fork, a dainty spoon or by the handful: you’ll have celebrated, laughed, and possibly cried in its presence, shared it with friends or snuck a solo slither in a midnight raid of the fridge.  Either way, it’s not just your favourite cake that’s served up on the plate – your personality is too!

Chocolate Mud Cake

chocolate mud cake, dessert, le caffe, yum

If your go-to cake is a chocolate mud cake, you’re probably the type of friend everybody loves! You get invited to everything and people are often sad when you’re double-booked. You’re comforting, understanding and are very passionate about supporting and rewarding yourself and others. You’re the type of friend who people will always turn to at 3am for a good cry, advice and consoling and you do a darn good job at easing their minds.

Vanilla Sponge Cake

Don’t ever let someone say, “You’re so vanilla.” You are far from boring! Actually, if this is your favourite cake, you’re often underestimated and underrated until you show your true firecracker personality. You’re impulsive, kind-hearted and generous by nature, and boy can you get fired up if put in a corner. Nobody calls you chicken.

Carrot Cake

carrot cake, dessert, le caffe, yum

You, girl, are grounded, sensible and have so much self-control. Who said vegetables can’t be delicious, anyway? You can’t help but over-analyse and make pros and cons lists before taking big risks, but they pay off because you’re always prepared for whatever happens.  You’re fun-loving, laidback and easy-going and always have interesting conversation-starters.

Coffee Cake

coffee cake, coffee log, dessert, le caffe, yum

You’re the master of your own making, the queen of the corporate world, or a socially bold trendsetter – whatever you decide on, you give 100 per cent and approach everything with gusto. You’re lively, driven, persistent and live by the phrase #butfirstcoffee.  And when you’re feeling a little indulgent after hours, you add liquor to your caffeine with an espresso martini or a bailey-infused coffee cake!

Orange Almond Poppy Seed Cake

Nothing bothers you – you’re as cool as a cucumber. You’ve learnt to love yourself and not let others’ opinions get the better of you. You’re lighthearted, full of zest and are always up for a challenge! You’re often the life of the party and are always ready for the unexpected.


white chocolate raspberry cheesecsake, dessert, le caffe, yum

Drama, drama, drama! You don’t mean for your life to be so damn dramatic, it just seems to follow you around. When you tell a story, everyone listens because most of the things that happen to you on a daily basis would never happen to us normal folk in a million years. You’re smooth, sexy and a little bit emotional, but you’ll always have a large group of friends to share a wine with any day of the week.

Red Velvet Cake

People are often undecided about you at first, or can only handle you in small doses until they truly know you: maybe you have resting bitch face? It’s not your fault. You’re quite a looker, aren’t afraid to go for what you want, and sometimes your intense no-nonsense up-front personality can be a little overwhelming for newcomers. Your true friends all know that you’re as sweet as anything on the inside, though!


You’re independent and are super content with being a lone wolf. You like to limit your indulgences and are often trusted with keeping BIG secrets… even your own age is hidden because there’s never enough cake to prove your digits have increased! If a cupcake is your favourite type of cake, this might also show that you’re definitely not a sharer. But in the end you’re still so damn cute and irresistible that people will overlook those behaviours.

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