From Rockets to Croissants: Meet The Lady Behind The World’s Best Pastries

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By Kiri Johnston | 9th July 2024

In the bustling world of pastries and culinary excellence, Dr. Kate Reid stands out as a visionary founder of Lune Croissanterie. With a unique journey that transitioned from aerospace engineering to the art of baking, Kate has carved a niche for herself and her brand. In this exclusive interview for Providore Park, where Lune Croissanterie will be showcasing this weekend, Kate shares insights into her daily routine, the secret behind her famous croissants, and the future of Lune Croissanterie.

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First up, can you walk us through a typical day in your life?
I honestly don’t have one single day the same as another. The only constant is how I start my day –a long, brisk walk with my gorgeous black labrador, Lily. We often walk into the Melbourne CBD store to say hello to the staff (and grab a much needed coffee!). Other than that, my days are typically filled with meetings – whether that be with my key managers or external stakeholders.

How did you go from rockets to croissants? What sparked the big switch and the idea for Lune Croissanterie?
That question is too big for this interview! I’m currently writing my autobiography, so you can read all about it when it’s finally published!

What’s your secret behind your famous croissants, if you dare to share?
There’s no secret. I just care about every single detail and refuse to cut corners. We use the best quality ingredients, and we are constantly critically analysing every part of the process to see where we can improve.

How do you maintain Lune’s pastry perfection as you expand across Australia?
By religiously documenting the aforementioned processes so that we can accurately and thoroughly train our staff. And by building a team that care as much about quality, consistency and hospitality, and then in turn, creating a happy and supportive workplace with growth opportunity.

Any exclusive goodies at your Providore Park stall that we must try?
As a special treat we’re bringing back an archive fan fave Lune pastry – the Coco Rough Pain au chocolat, only available at this weekend’s Brisbane event at Providore Park.

How do you keep your skills sharp as a pastry chef and business owner?
I don’t work as much on the pastry cheffing side these days, apart from the odd training session with new staff. The challenge has been evolving as a business owner, having to let go of complete control and trust the skilled, brilliant people who, luckily for me, have chosen Lune as the place they want to work. Through Lune I have also built an amazing network of people around me from the wider hospitality industry who I am constantly learning from.

If you could whisk one piece of advice to budding pastry chefs, what would it be?
Master the foundational basics first and understand how and why ingredients react and work with each other. With a deep understanding of the science of pastry and baking, then you can start to experiment and riff on the classics (that’s where the fun begins!)

What’s cooking next for Lune Croissanterie? Any secret recipes or exciting plans on the horizon?
It probably not a secret anymore, but we’re very excited about not one, but two stores opening in Sydney later this year!

Aside from croissants, what else do you love to bake and indulge in?
Scones (with jam and cream – jam first always) and carrot cake. That’s my food pyramid right there.

Can you share three of your favourite spots in Melbourne—cafes, restaurants, bars, or shops?
Restaurant: Right now, I am totally obsessed with Trattoria Emilia, it’s the best Italian food I’ve ever had in Melbourne, and the experience of dining there transports me straight to Italy.
Bar: Can’t go past Apollo Inn. Drinks, snacks and space are all simply elite.
Shop: I love pretty much every shop on Gertrude St, Fitzroy. All the fashion, homewares and fragrance needs are covered (plus excellent pit stop options for coffee, wine, or a martini!). Check out our complete guide to visiting Melbourne here.

As Lune continues to expand and enchant pastry lovers across Australia, Kate’s dedication to quality and innovation remains the heart of her journey. Be sure to visit their stall at Providore Park this weekend for a chance to try their life-changing pastries.

By Kiri Johnston A matcha enthusiast with a relentless online shopping addiction, often spotted poolside with her beloved dogs.




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