The Top Trends We Spotted at Australian Fashion Week

Street meets runway

By Kiri Johnston | 17th May 2024

It’s that time of year again when Australian Fashion Week, centered at Sydney’s iconic Carriageworks, draws crowds from far and wide. This pivotal event in the Australian fashion calendar brings together emerging and established names in the industry, offering a rare and exciting opportunity for the fashion community to view the latest creations from our country’s designers. The anticipation starts with the release of the event lineup and continues as attendees plan their outfits and schedule their days.

But let’s talk street style—the real star of the show. Carriageworks transforms into a runway of its own, with everyone embracing their personal style. The buzzing energy of the crowd, the people-watching, and the endless photo-taking and mingling add to the daily excitement, perfectly complementing the impressive runway shows. People embraced their aesthetics, playing with their approach to dressing, whether they were Fashion Week veterans or it was their debut year. A mix of tones, textures, and shapes were on full display. It’s hard to pinpoint one dominant style as all looks clashed perfectly, both inside and outside of Carriageworks.

This year’s event celebrated the artistry and craftsmanship of Australia’s emerging and leading designers while providing a glimpse into the future of global fashion trends. From the runways to the streets, all eyes turned to Sydney. Attending alongside our Editor Tracy, I captured the essence of the occasion through our first-hand experience. This sets the stage for trendsetting looks that blur the lines between runway and reality. Let’s dive into the standout trends that defined this year’s Australian Fashion Week and showcase what’s next in fashion.

Sheer Trend

Think lace, mesh, and skin. Sheer fabrics were definitely one of the biggest trends spotted on the streets and runways. From delicate lace to sultry mesh, sheer materials took center stage, adding an element of allure. Skin-baring yet sophisticated, ‘naked dressing’ emerged as a mainstay of this year’s event. This prominent trend was showcased by designers such as Acler, Albus Lumen, ANNA QUAN, Beare Park, Bec + Bridge, Karla Spetic, Third Form, and many others.

Acler, Beare Park and Bec + Bridge by Getty Images.


Tailoring took the spotlight during the week, featuring an array of impeccably crafted pieces. Whether it was a well-fitted blazer, a classic two-piece suit, work-style pants or a sharply tailored coat, high-quality tailoring made a prominent appearance and it’s here to stay. Tailoring was evident across many shows; Karla Spetic embraced it in unconventional ways, Rory William Docherty showcased it across both menswear and womenswear, BLANCA presented a chic and more traditional style, while various interpretations were seen among street stylers.

Rory William Docherty, image by @cacaobean and BLANCA by Getty Images.

Textured Layers

Adding depth and dimension to outfits, layered textures and flowing layers were a notable trend both on and off the runway. Designers and fashion enthusiasts played with a combination of fabrics, creating visually intriguing ensembles. This trend embraced the art of juxtaposition, pairing soft with structured, and matte with glossy, resulting in looks that were rich, tactile, and sophisticated, as well as faux fur. Notable shows that featured layering included Rory William Docherty, BLANCA, Albus Lumen, Carla Zampatti, Bec + Bridge, and ANNA QUAN, to name a few.

Albus Lumen by Getty Images. Carla Zampatti and Bec + Bridge street style by Isabella Grant Artistry.


Silver reigned supreme, with holographic finishes adding a futuristic edge to street style looks. From shimmering skirts to gleaming accessories, metallic accents injected a dose of glamour. Expect to see an abundance of silver and metallic elements in coming seasons. Designers like Bec + Bridge, ACLER, Rory William Docherty, Beare Park, and Albus Lumen excelled in showcasing this trend.

Rory William Docherty and Bec + Bridge by Getty Images.

Soft Prints

Unique prints stole the spotlight, featuring carefully curated silk-painted materials, snakeskin, laser-cut patterns and leopard print made a subtle yet striking impression. From abstract designs to whimsical motifs, soft prints and fabrics showcased an artistic flair. Designers like Carla Zampatti, Rory William Docherty, ANNA QUAN, Em On Holiday, and Romance Was Born truly went above and beyond in this trend.

Rory William Docherty and Anna Quan by Getty Images. Em On Holiday by Isabella Grant Artistry.

Office Siren

Taking cues from the corporate world, the contemporary ‘Office Siren‘ trend, also known as ‘Corpcore,’ has become a talking point. Featuring pinstripe blouses, mini pleated skirts, and form-fitting pencil skirts paired with slingbacks, this trend channels ’90s-inspired office attire with a seductive twist. Embracing an effortlessly cool vibe, the Office Siren demands attention with optical eyewear, sleek hair, and natural makeup accentuated by a deep lip tone.

AFW imagery by Isabella Grant Artistry and Getty Images.


Crisp lines, unique shapes, cut outs, utility style and defined silhouettes dominated the streets and runways. People embraced these designs, skillfully playing with shapes and proportions to craft standout looks. Structured pieces made a notable appearance at various shows, including P.E Nation, ANNA QUAN, Beare Park, Viktoria & Woods, Michael Lo Sordo, and Acler.

P.E Nation, ANNA QUAN and Beare Park by Getty Images.

Muted Shades

While bright hues graced both the runway and streets, the event unmistakably celebrated tonal dressing and understated, muted shades and aesthetics. On-trend shades such as butter yellow, soft blues, deep reds, taupe, and a full spectrum of monochromes stood out prominently. Designers like Beare Park, Victoria and Woods, House of Campbell, and Third Form specifically came to mind for mastering this trend.

House of Campbell, Street Style, Albus Lumen. Images by Getty Images and Isabella Grant Artistry.

Bubble Hems

The streets echoed with ’80s nostalgia as bubble hems made a comeback, adorning blouses, skirts, and dresses, typically seen in opal and pastel shades. Enhanced with contemporary accents, these playful silhouettes infused a sense of whimsy into the looks of show-goers, and surprisingly, we’re loving every bit of it. We spotted several influencers on the streets of Sydney embracing the bubble skirt trend, styling them in various ways, sometimes edgying them up with chic belts. Em On Holiday also showcased the piece on the runway in white and pink colourways, further solidifying its resurgence.

Em On Holiday by Isabella Grant Artistry. Street style by Liz Sunshine. Bec + Bridge street style by Getty Images.


Leather made a ubiquitous appearance, embellishing everything from jackets, bags, belts, and shoes. Both edgy and versatile, leather pieces infused a sense of urban chic into runway and street style ensembles alike. Renowned Australian designers like Beare Park, Viktoria & Woods, and Michael Lo Sordo also presented this style with a strong take at their runway shows, cementing leather as a must-have trend for the season.

Street style images by Isabella Grant Artistry.


The fusion of chunky sneakers, relaxed sportswear, and athletic-inspired ensembles blurred the boundaries between sports and fashion, particularly evident at the highly anticipated P.E Nation show, alongside guests attending the Alix Higgins show. Drawing inspiration from traditional tennis attire, sports jerseys, matching tracksuits, slouchy shorts, and Adidas-esque ‘fits, this comfort-meets-style trend, known as sportscore, similarly referred to as blokecore, easily champions effortless cool.

Street Style and P.E Nation by Isabella Grant Artistry.


A clash of denim shades, denim sets, and even double or triple denim ensembles were spotted throughout the event. Additionally, DIY-style denim looks were prominently on display, showcasing the versatility and enduring appeal of this timeless fabric. Denim made its mark on the runways of Acler in blue denim and black co-ord sets, while ANNA QUAN and BLANCA showcased dark denim done exceptionally well.

BLANCA, Acler, Bec + Bridge by Getty Images and Isabella Grant Artistry.


Last but certainly not least, tartan made an unexpected yet strong appearance. It served as a statement, gracing both the runways and the streets with its timeless charm. Designers reimagined this traditional pattern in fresh, modern ways, incorporating it into dresses, suits, skirts, and accessories. We also saw tartan creatively reinvented by street stylers, who styled themselves in both new and vintage pieces. The Verner show nailed the art of layering tartan, while we give a special shoutout to the ever-cool @cacaobean for her extraordinary DIY creation that took the streets by storm.

Verner show and street style images by Isabella Grant Artistry.

As Australian Fashion Week wraps up, Sydney’s streets pulsate with creativity and individual style. Throughout the week-long event, prevalent trends emerged, but attendees and fashion enthusiasts showcased their unique flair with an eclectic mix of colours, textures, and beloved wardrobe pieces.

On the runway, a fusion of local talent and global influences was evident, ranging from edgy details to laid-back chic. Monochrome looks took center stage, punctuated by bursts of vibrant color, while metallic accents added a touch of glamour. ’80s-inspired bubble skirts and classic leather made a notable comeback, reflecting the cyclical nature of fashion trends.

Beyond the runway, engaging with the crowd revealed a community rewriting the fashion playbook. These individuals aren’t simply following trends; they’re shaping the future of fashion with their innovative styles and perspectives.

As we bid farewell to this year’s event, it’s safe to say that describing the week as exhilarating and exhausting would be an understatement. Already, anticipation for next year’s Australian Fashion Week is building.

Header: @isabellagrantartistry

By Kiri Johnston A matcha enthusiast with a relentless online shopping addiction, often spotted poolside with her beloved dogs.




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