Blokecore: How To Style The Sporty Trend Taking Over Our FYP


By Dinushka Gunasekara | 14th April 2024

Whether you call it football or soccer, there’s one thing we can all agree on – jerseys are making a play for the most iconic fashion pieces of the year. Dubbed ‘blokecore’, Tik Tok’s new favourite trend takes sportswear from the field to the street with a sartorial twist that even sporty newbies (present!)  can get behind. 

Leaning on masculine styling, blokecore is defined by football jerseys, tracksuit sets, oversized jorts, and crowd-favourite Adidas Sambas. Considered accessorising is key to make this trend a fashion statement, with bows, belts, and high-rise socks ensuring your ‘fit doesn’t look like it only belongs at The Gabba.

So how do you channel your inner Sporty Spice without venturing into Adam Sandler territory? Read on…



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Once reserved for game days and at-home lounging, jerseys are now the it-girl top of choice. With retro styles particularly making an appearance, high fashion houses like Acne Studios have notably taken cues from football over the decades, culminating in their own jersey pieces. Both oversized jerseys and cropped styles are considered kit couture, and can be used as a base point to build on or the main focus of your look. Disclaimer: die-hard fans, you might want to look away. Yours truly knows nada about teams – I chose these jerseys based purely on colour and cuteness. 

Jackets & rugby tops


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The blokecore trend is also totes approps for the season, with layering not only easy to do but encouraged! Old school tracksuit jackets will always have a place in British streetwear, aka the home of football fanatics. Pair a boxy fit with a jersey as outerwear, or opt for a slim fit zipped up to incorporate chic tailoring into your look. Polo tops are also a perfect alternative to jerseys, without the need to broadcast your team affiliation.

Baggy bottoms


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The baggier the better in blokecore! Slouchy denim is perfect to dress up your look while still embracing the laidback essence of the trend, with slingbacks and wraparound sunglasses adding a delightful touch of WAG. For androgynous styling, bike shorts, oversized jorts, and athleisure cuts are the way to go. Alternatively, you can try your hand at the blokette trend (a combo of blokecore and coquette), with breezy skirts like the up-and-coming bubble skirt style. 



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As mentioned, Sambas are inherently blokecore coded but they’re not the only sneaker you need in your arsenal to complete the look. Vintage sneaker styles are preferred with this trend, like chunky dad sneakers, on-the-court Nikes, or sleek yet bold low-tops. For the blokettes, ballet flats might seem out of this realm, but can add a surprising level of femininity that makes the sportswear your own. 

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