Buckle Up! 5 Ways We Are Styling Belts ATM

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By Lauren Payne | 25th March 2024

If there’s one trend we’re here for this year, it’s the return of the belt! Adding a high-quality leather belt is the easiest way to elevate your outfit and whether you opt for a simple black belt with a gold buckle or prefer an eye-catching laser-cut waist belt, if you have a go-to leather belt by your side, you’ll always look and feel chic.

If you’re on the hunt for a new belt to suit your specific wardrobe, we’ve got your covered. Here are the top belt trends of the moment, so you can find the perfect leather piece to enhance your favourite looks.

Classic black leather belts

Nothing beats a classic black leather belt – that’s just a fact. Whether you’re heading into the office, an elegant event, or just want to elevate your ‘fit while you’re running errands, adding a black leather belt to trousers, jeans, or your fave denim maxi skirt will always help you feel polished and chic.


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Brown leather belts

If you love a vintage look, then you should definitely have a brown leather belt in your wardrobe. Pair it with accessories made of natural materials like a raffia bag or a cork wedge sandal, to take a page out of Jane Birkin’s book and let out your inner French girl. 


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Low-slung belts

Low-slung belts are officially back! After dominating the spring/ summer runway shows, low-slung belts have already become this season’s go-to trend, adding a bit of edge to every outfit. Experiment with the low-slung belt trend by draping them over a slim maxi skirt or your favourite midi dress.


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Statement belts

Despite popular opinion, statement belts don’t have to be oversized and bright to, well, make a statement. A statement simply adds extra dimension to an outfit through an additional unexpected silhouette, colour, or texture that wouldn’t usually be incorporated into your look. Try adding a red belt to an all-black outfit or a studded waist belt over your go-to trench to elevate your favourite pieces.


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Waist belts

One of the biggest street style trends at the moment is a good old-fashioned waist belt. They may not hold up our pants, but they most definitely can make or break an outfit. We’ve seen double buckle belts over floral dresses to add a bit of edge to an otherwise feminine look, and thick, laser-cut waist belts adding additional texture to tonal outfits, but if you want to really lean into the waist belt trend, simply wrap your new belt around your bare waist à la Carrie Bradshaw!


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