5 Aussie Beauty Bloggers To Follow

Beauty babes unite!

By Guest Styler | 4th July 2016

In an era where we are swamped with bloggers left, right and centre, it can be a bit confusing knowing which ones to follow. Sure, you might just be into the pretty pictures or you might love in-depth reviews. Australia has some amazing talent when it comes to beauty bloggers, so much so that I’ve chosen five that you need to follow ASAP!


Michelle Crossan is the editor of online beauty destination, Beauty.Life.Michelle, where she writes honest reviews on budget buys and products that are worth splurging on. Her flatlays are second to none and her Instagram feed will make you want to cry happy tears! Her down-to-earth personality and honesty is why you can’t stop coming back to her! While you’re there, make sure you check out her YouTube channel for a mix of tutorials, reviews, hauls and current beauty favourites.

Wendy Online

Moreso an Instagram influencer, Wendy Online has the most amazing feed and it is an absolute mecca for beauty lovers! She uploads the most beautiful flatlays of the hottest products to hit the market and has 41k people who think so too! A self-proclaimed makeup addict, Wendy’s Insta shows no slowing down anytime soon. Warning: her feed will make you green with envy and may influence you to sprint to your local shopping centre and chuck everything into your basket! #byebyemoney

Oz Beauty Expert

Bonnie is the editor of leading beauty blog, Oz Beauty Expert. She’s been on the blogging scene for quite some time and knows the tips and tricks to creating that perfect look. While she creates informative and in-depth content, she is also a makeup artist so you can be sure she knows what she’s talking about! Having worked with The Bachelor’s Anna Heinrich, on international campaigns and as the personal beauty adviser to the Queen’s Lady In Waiting, it would be ridic if you didn’t follow her!

By Brooke Elle

Also an Instagram influencer, it would be silly not to include her on this list! Brooke’s makeup creations are breathtaking and completely out of this world! Her face is the canvas to her creative looks and my goodness, does this girl know what she’s doing! There’s a reason why she has 312k followers and that’s even more of a reason for you to give her a follow and be jelly of her makeup skillzzz! Since she’s based on the Sunshine Coast, we can totally claim her as one of us, right?!

Rachael Brook

Rachael is a beauty content creator, blogger, makeup artist and YouTuber all rolled into one! Her work has been seen in the pages of Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Elle and much more. She started assisting Rae Morris at just 15 years of age and through all of her experiences, her knowledge is what makes her stand out as a blogger and influencer. From posts about her tips and tricks to what products are worth spending your moolah on, Rachael is one beauty lover you need to follow!

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