Twinkle Twinkle, These Are The Best Stargazing Spots Near Brisbane 

Starry, starry night 

By Marley Moore | 27th January 2022

Channel your inner explorer and get lost in the cosmos with an epic night of stargazing! Whether you know your Southern Cross from your Andromeda or are just looking for a romantic night amongst nature, it’s time to lay down and unwind. Telescopes optional, we’ve found the Brisbane’s best stargazing spots for you to explore!

Mount Coot-Tha Lookout | Mount Coot-tha

Drive: 15mins from Brisbane CBD

To the east of Mount Coot-Tha is Brisbane and all of its glorious cityscapes and city lights, but on the western side, is serenity, darkness, and the ultimate star-gazing spots! Take the squad or your S.O. for a trip around the mountain and visit the peaceful scenery of Mount Coot-Tha and beyond. Pro tip: the less moon in the sky, the more stars you’ll find. Full moons are pretty, but make it hard to see the rest of the night sky!

Kangaroo Point Cliffs | Kangaroo Point

Drive: 8mins from Brisbane CBD

We all know the Kangaroo Point Cliffs are the perfect place to spend the arvo, but come night time, your picnic rug will give you the best seat in the house for a sky full of stars. Get a hot cuppa from the nearby Joey’s in your mitts before settling in for a dreamy view. And hey, if it’s a cloudy eve, you’re still sorted with a picturesque vantage point to enjoy the twinkling lights of the city skyline.

Somerset Park Campground | Somerset Dam

Drive: 1 hour and 26mins from Brisbane CBD

Take your star-gazing skills up a notch and camp out under the stars! With so many options for where you can go and what you can do at these campgrounds, you’ll be able to find the perfect spot in no time. Grab a kayak and head out on the lake, spread a picnic blanket out on the grass and kick back, or sit at one of the park benches and just gaze upwards. The sky’s the limit, so don’t be afraid to mix it up!

Redcliffe Jetty | Redcliffe

Drive: 40mins from Brisbane CBD

That’s right, the picturesque, Instagram-worthy jetty just got even better. Once the sun sets behind you, cast your sights above and take in the beauty of the star-bright sky. It’s perfect if you’re interested in the moon itself, due to its eastern-facing composition. Don’t forget to give the sun some lovin’ too! The warm orb that lights up our skies daily is also a star, and Redcliffe Jetty is the perfect location to watch it rise over the waters.

Moreton Island | Moreton Bay

Drive + Ferry: 1 hour and 51mins from Brisbane CBD

With the fast sunsets and pitch-black skies that follow, it’s no wonder Moreton Island made the cut! With only the lightest touch of cityscape, you’ll feel like you’re miles away from the city, making for the perfect vantage point to gaze upon the heavens. Pack a few snacks, a set of binoculars, and a torch, and you’ll be set for a trek around Moreton Island, navigating by the stars (or the trails).

Carlo Sand Blow | Rainbow Beach

Drive: 2 hours and 55mins from Brisbane CBD

Fancy a beach-side, star-lit getaway? The Carlo Sand Blow is perfect for just that! Four kilometres south of Rainbow Bay, and 600m from the nearest car park, the sand blow is ideal for a beach-bum-turned-amateur-stargazer. Be sure to bring a towel to sit on the sand and layers of warm clothes. That ocean breeze is chilly at night, but the view of thousands of glinting stars makes the chill worth braving.

Lake Moogerah | Moogerah

Drive: 1 hour and and 23mins from Brisbane CBD

Just under an hour away from Brisbane itself lies Lake Moogerah. With its picturesque landscapes and still waters, the lake is perfect for setting up camp during the day and watching the sky change from bright to night. Pick any of the installed benches and picnic areas to settle and get a comfortable view of the night sky, or drive around the lake until you find the perfect view for yourself.

Sir Thomas Planetarium | Toowong

Drive: 16mins from Brisbane CBD

If the weather is too cloudy or you’re just not keen on going on a nighttime adventure, you can always hit up the planetarium in Brisbane. Get on board with any of the activities within the centre, or explore the planets by yourself. Either way, you can get up-close-and-personal with astronomy equipment, and even try your hand at using amateur telescopes and binoculars! Prep yourself for future starlit expeditions and learn hot tips from the pros about how to get the perfect starry-eyed view.





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