How to Style Your Bedroom for a Good Night’s Sleep

Ready to dive under the sheets?

By Guest Styler | 15th March 2018

When it comes to making a house a home, it always begins in the bedroom. After a long day in the office and what feels like an even longer commute home, nothing quite compares to the warm feeling of cosying up in your bedroom ahead of a solid eight-hour sleep.

If you’re feeling like your room is lacking that cosy factor, there are a few little tweaks you can make to your bedroom styling that will go a long way. Resident stylist Morgan Braithwaite of Homemaker the Valley talks us through the fuss-free bedroom styling tips that promise a good night’s sleep.

Bedroom Styling

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Morgan’s 5 Bedroom Essentials

  • A quality set of sheets and pillowcases.
  • Bed cover, duvet set, or large blanket.
  • A set of beautiful bedside lamps to help refine your bedroom styling and create ambience with soft lighting.
  • An armchair for the corner of your bedroom. Depending on the size of your room, this could be a small occasional chair or even a large lounge with chaise.
  • Art for the walls or bedside tables. This can be a painting, print or even photography.
Bedroom Styling

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When it comes to bedroom styling, a great set of sheets not only look good, they’re also the best investment for a comfortable night sleep. Morgan explains that when she is bedroom styling for a client, she’ll never add electronics into the room and strongly recommends that they are kept out of the bedroom. Instead of having a television as a focal point in the room, she suggests hanging artwork or an interesting print to wake up to. Finally, decrease clutter. Morgan explains that she prefers smaller bedside tables that have limited storage to prevent too much unnecessary clutter being collected in the bedroom.

Bedroom Styling

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Before anything else, Morgan always recommends that her clients invest in a really good quality mattress and base. Instead of putting money towards a bed frame, spend the extra in upgrading to a better mattress which will last you a long time. Morgan prefers to incorporate a bed head into the bedroom to help give height and to balance the bed. It’s a great way to bring texture, tone and colour to the bedroom styling. Bed heads are a practical option as they’re more compact than a full bed frame, meaning they’re easy to take away and change if you are looking for a new look or refresh. There are also so many options out there that can suit any style and budget.

Bedroom Styling

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When styling a bed, Morgan explains that she almost always chooses to incorporate a throw over a cushion. “With the incorporation of European and standard pillows into the main structure of the bed, sometimes a throw is needed at the end of the bed to bring balance and to break up the bulk colour of the bed cover,” says Morgan. The practicality of a throw is great for layering texture and to bring a warmer comfort feel in the cooler months.

Bedroom Styling

Oz Design Lux Pot Gold

When comparing even the very best cotton sheets, linen feels natural and breathable and only gets softer with time and use. Morgan explains that when it comes to investing in bedding, that linen is the way to go. “I love linen sheets. They are so comfortable and I love how they get softer the more you use and wash them.” She says. The look that you can achieve with linen sheets and bedding creates a more soft and relaxed vibe, which is ideal for the bedroom. With so many different linen bedding options these days, the colour combinations are endless. From neutrals, greys and soft pastels to bold navy and greens, Morgan suggests layering the tones and colours of your linen to create some interest.

Bedroom Styling

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In Queensland, our climate allows us to simply transfer our summer bedroom styling into a cosier winter nest with a few extra layers. “I love including the same summer basics, such as light linen or cotton bed covers into my winter look. This can be done by adding some extra layers and a bold colour to the more neutral whites, oatmeal and soft tones from summer,” says Morgan.

“Adding a beautiful navy cotton throw blanket and a single textured oversized cushion will transfer the summer bedding into a cosier look for winter.” She says.

Bedroom Wishlist

  •  Linen bedding in a variety of different colours.
  • Linen slip armchairs or larger love seats for the corner of the room
  • A simple cotton waffle throw or blanket for the end of the bed
  • A small to medium-sized shallow bowl or tray, to place jewellery before going to bed.

Feature image: Adairs

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