Date Night Ideas During Isolation

Date Night Ideas During Isolation

Date & Isolate

By Guest Styler | 28th April 2020

We may be in a love lockdown between borders, but that doesn’t mean the love must be lost. While many of us interstate lovers can't go on romantic dates, let alone be with each other as a duo, there is still plenty to do to keep that love alive. The flame fired. The romance roaring. This is love making played safe on a whole other level and romance gone viral for all the right reasons. 

Or, on the flip side – perhaps you're stuck in iso together and patience and romance is wearing thing? Scroll down for some ideas on how to keep the calm amongst the chaos and the romance alive, inside.

And, those of you on dating apps such as Tinder etc. this is the prime time to filter through the duds and get back to the good ol’ days of courtship and talking before heading straight to the sheets. Don’t be scared – it’s just words. And, thanks to technology, we now have GIFs to help express emotion, too.

Isolated Apart?

FaceTime Date Night

Those in long-distance relationships will be all over this one, and to the rest of you, welcome. You may not be able to touch, but it’s a great opportunity to explore different love languages and get back to communicating. Or, keep it light and loved-up and do something together, but just not together… watch the same movie or show, eat dinner while FaceTiming (add a candle for some added ambience), and just have a general catch-up like you would on the couch! Take advice from Soulja Boy and kiss ‘em thru the phone.

Love Letters

Let’s take it back to the 1950s and put pen to paper. The post is still running hot so why not spice up the romance with an old school love letter. Confess your feels (who doesn’t love a bit of reassurance), list your top memories together, create an adventure list for when the corona chaos is over, or play into the drama and write a long winded, sensory experience of your self isolation. Think Titanic vibes, husband gone to war, insecure girlfriend etc. – all the good things. 

Food Delivery

Love and food go hand in hand, so why not combine the two! You know where they are so surprise them with a welcomed knock on the door with their fave food. Ahh, the romance.  Or, order for each other and make a cute lunch or dinner date with a twist!

Games, Boy

No games of the heart please – frivolity and fun, only. Challenge each other on games like Words With Friends, trivia, Mario Kart or level-up to try and out-do each other’s high scores. Skip messaging and communicate in turns because Facebook Messenger has a whole array of minigames waiting for you to go 1v1. Subway Surfer, anyone?

Isolated Together?


There's nothing like some friendly competition. Challenge your other half to a puzzle off – whether that's who can fill in the most pieces on their half of the puzzle, or you have a puzzle each, let the competition begin. Or, leave the rivalry at the door and complete it together...naww.

Kitchen Rules

Again, there's two ways you can go about this one: make it a competition or leave it friendly and romantic. For something spicy, challenge each other to a cook off whether that be the same recipe or dinner on one night vs. their dinner on another and score out of ten. It's just like My Kitchen Rules, right? Otherwise, play house and get cookin' in the kitchen together and tag team the jobs. Just don't go full Gordon Ramsay but feel free to get messy. Mess is encouraged.

Paint A Portrait

This is where you can really channel Titanic's iconic scene and paint each other like one of Leo's French girls. Either at the same time or separately, have a crack at painting self portraits of each other or yourselves. Perhaps they'll be worthy of some wall space afterwards and a memory of experience.


Elevating the ole 'DIY' into 'do it together'. Get crackin' on the home reno job you've been putting off or get to a whole new project in itself. From garden beds to redecorating, cubby house building (kids or no kids), bathroom renovating...the options are endless. Think of this one like House Rules, minus the $ and camera crews. Chuck on some high-vis, a hard hat, short shorts and you're already half way there, I say.


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Article by Guest Styler

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