Family Love: The Gold Coast Distillery With A Heart-Warming Story

Let’s raise a glass to our grandads.

By Guest Styler | 12th February 2019

In August, 2018, a whiskey and gin distillery opened its doors in the backstreets of the up-and-coming suburb Miami on the Gold Coast. Around the corner from the popular Paddock Bakery now sits Granddad Jack’s, the Gold Coast distillery with a heart-warming story.

Created by father-and-son duo David and Luke Ridden, this distillery has been 93-years in the making thanks to David Goulding – aka: Granddad Jack, and the story of his life.

Granddad Jack was a hardworking and determined dude, even at only 13 years of age. In his first year as a teenager, Granddad Jack was having a far different travel adventure that many teens dream of these days: he was setting out on a 65-mile journey on his bike with his best mate to a sheep-station, looking for work.

The two carried with them minimal supplies of food, tea, and of course, Granddad Jack’s homemade whiskey. Arriving to the station by 3’oclock, the two young boys showed very little signs of fatigue – and their incredible story made the local paper. So, what did the young men appoint to their creditable performance? The homemade whiskey, obviously.

Over the course of Granddad Jacks teenage years and beyond, he was constantly the star of stories like this that demonstrated determination, dedication, and resilience. Throughout all of the years and all of the stories, there was one thing Granddad Jack never went without: a whiskey, every single day.

All of Granddad Jack’s qualities were passed onto his great-grandson, Luke, who will forever think of his grandfather as his hero. To honour the legendary man who passed away at age 93, Luke and his father opened up Granddad Jack’s Craft Distillery serving whiskey and gin.

The distillery is open from Wednesday through Sunday, with an extensive cocktail list of their three flagship gins. Their whiskey range will be on offer by the end of the year, which is Luke’s own take on a family recipe that’s been kept a secret for close to 90 years.

To enjoy a tasting platter, learn more about the distillery process, and hear about the great man at the heart of it all, you can book a Granddads Jack Craft Distillery tour. Otherwise, simply pop-in for a drink or to buy a bottle, and let’s all remember to raise a glass to our grandads!

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