Guys, we need to talk about the fish & chip resurgence that is taking over the streets of Brisbane. Fish & chips are an Aussie institution in their own right and while we’ve always maintained the credo “the danker the store the better the chip”, we’re seriously loving the gourmet joints that are popping up around town.

Slightly more refined and noticeably less greasy than your cornerstore local, these boutique fish & chipperies are bringing a new level of class and gloss to our fave takeaway meal. If you’re craving a crisp chippie or a flaky fish that goes above and beyond, we’ve rounded up our pick of the Brisbane venues that are levelling up our favourite post-beach eats with their own bougie twist. Read on!

Ol’ School | South Brisbane

Ol’ School is one of the newer additions to Brisbane’s F&C scene having only opened their doors in January this year. From the same team behind the kitschy-cute Hello Please, Ol’ School boasts a super charming décor that makes us never want to leave. This is perfect because their dine-in menu is well worth sitting down and enjoying. Think crisp potato scallops, tangy fish tacos, creamy chip butties and the best damn flake you’ve ever had. Their chips are definitely contenders for Brisbane’s best – skin on, fried three times for good measure – knocking even KFC chips off their pedestal. They also have a full drinks menu, meaning you can get delightfully sloshed if you so desire. And let’s be honest, isn’t that always what we desire?

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Paper Fish | Southbank

When a Melbourne fave makes their way north, you know that the yardstick for fish & chips is about to seriously shift. Paper Fish is a beachfront kiosk from the stunning St Kilda suburb of Melbs, but recently they decided to send a team up to Brisbane to change our F&C dining for the better. And, quite frankly, we are so happy to have them. Their menu includes all the classics you would expect, but when your chippery is under the captainship of a chef with over 10 years experiencing in fish and chips, you can expect a bunch of interesting twists too. Say hello to fish and coconut-prawn tacos, Japanese potato cakes and Kingfish wings. Plus, their natural granitas (which are dangerously good) have also made their way north. Pick from watermelon and mint, lemonade or pineapple and coconut. If you’re feeling cheeky, add a nip of vodka or gin. Go on, we won’t tell…

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Saltwater Fish & Chippery | Mooloolaba

Okay, we know these guys aren’t technically in Brisbane but this Hampton’s style chippery is well-worth the drive north. Heck, it’s the ultimate post-surf feed! Occupying a truly stunning slice of real estate on the Mooloolaba river, this gem is a casual seafood restaurant that offers everything you could want, from cheap cornerstore-style eats (helloooo, chip butty!) to bistro-style dishes like South Australian black mussel risotto with tomato sugo, chilli, garlic and lemon. Droooool. Combining seriously good seafood and chippies with a stunning vantage point of the Mooloolaba River, this is how the Kardashians would do fish & chips if they decided they were sick of those vitamin gummies.

Sandgate Fishmonger | Sandgate

Word around the north side of town is that this waterfront chippery is one of Brisbane’s very best. Some (e.g the chef’s mother) claim that they prepare the best calamari in Australia – crispy, fresh, and just the right amount of tenderness – and honestly, we have to agree that they are definitely something special. They also offer a ‘salad of the day’, and we have on good authority that these aren’t like regular salads – these are cool salads. Think roasted vegetables, sweet corn and halloumi, all topped off with a fresh house-made dressing. And, if you have any friends with particular dietary requirements, let them know that Sandgate Fishmonger has plenty of gluten-free options! Because after all, good fish & chips should be for everyone.


Banter Bar | Kangaroo Point

These guys should be your go-to for market-fresh fish and perfectly cooked chips. With an epic selection of seafood that includes more than just your average pickings (think Pacific oysters, prawn cocktails, grilled scallops and whiting) they’ve really taken the bougie fish & chip trend in their stride and created a destination where the classy chip-fans of Brisbane can score a delicious meal served alongside a bloody good time. Chef Daniel Miletic, previously of Burleigh Head’s two-hatted seafood venue The Fish House, brings not-your-average fish and chip goodness to the table, focusing on gourmet quality and locally caught seafood. And, with craft beers and deep fried mars bars on the menu, they really have everything you’d ever want to snack on all in one Australiana-esque bar.

Sutton’s Beach Pavillion | Redcliffe

This local-gem is one of the few Brisbane venues (well, almost Brisbane) that can actually boast seaside views. A local favourite for a while now, they’ve recently placed two-hatted chef Michael Harris at the helm of their kitchen! Having worked in prestigious establishments across England and alongside the likes of Jamie Oliver and Heston Blumenthal (heard of them?), he made his way to our sunny shores a few years ago and hasn’t looked back. Michael brings his quintessentially-British background to the table, as well as some Australian influence, for a fish & chip experience that we’ll return for again and again.

Sea Fuel | West End

West End is home to a lot of stellar Brisbane joints and this fish and chippery is definitely one of them. With a gnarly 30+ years of F&C experience, these guys have turned the art of the chip into a science. With free-flowing craft beer, ice-cold ciders and a wine list that could tempt Bacchus himself, they’ve really nailed the whole she-bang. And of course, it goes without saying that their range of seafood and nibbles is pretty damn spectacular.

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