The Butter To Your Chicken: Our Guide To Brisbane’s Indian Street Food

Big mood.

By Guest Styler | 18th June 2019

As the wise Forrest Gump said, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” Chocolates come in all flavours, shapes and sizes, from milk to dark to white to hazelnut. And like chocolates, our moods also have different flavours and we don’t always like their taste. The best way to cope with the unpredictability of life is with food. Which is why we have curated a list of all the Indian street food joints to match your mood!

Mircchmasala – Madness

Chaotic, random events beyond your control, unreasonable. Life can get hectic sometimes especially with work demands and social calls to meet, and it can be hard to find a breather in all the pandemonium. Mirchhmasala’s Chole Bature is the perfect solution for those kinds of days. Chole is made from cooked spices and chickpeas, making a lip-smacking curry, and bature is a round, deep-fried flatbread. Mouth-watering and delicious, this simple dish is madness mixed together to create calm, resulting in a dish that tempts the tastebuds and sates the stomach.

Gol Gappa – Whimsy

Swaying bodies, pumping music, low light- all the makings of a good night at the club. But what’s clubbing without some drinks? Specifically shots. It’s short and sweet, but still carries the burn of alcohol. The same can be said for Gol Gappa’s pani puris, small and round hollow fried bread that is traditionally filled with onion, chickpea and chilli. The filling is stuffed into the puris and then you eat the puri whole. And with a tamarind sauce accompanying it, you can also have a slight burn when you taste the slight acidity of the tamarind. It’s fun trying to shove the whole puri into your mouth, and while it makes for messy eating, you’re guaranteed a good time!

Dosa Hut – Inquisitiveness

Curiosity killed the cat! But satisfaction brought it back. Like cats, we’re naturally curious, and this dish is sure to take your palate to new heights. Dosas are a type of Indian crepe and are similar to crepes because of their thinness. Dosa Hut is crazy about them, it’s in their name, and this restaurant serves them up with a range of fillings to choose from including masala, paneer cheese, chicken or lamb.

Vege Rama – Preoccupied

Long hours, massive workload, social calls, family time- we all have a lot on our plate. But for those days that seem like life is blending together and you can’t separate yesterday from tomorrow, samosas are the awesome pick-me-up for those who are always on-the-go. Vege Rama is popular for their vegetarian menu, which is both delicious and healthy, but a fave of ours is their samosa. Made with potatoes, onions and peas and blended with spices, mustard seeds and coriander and fried in a triangular, pastry shell, this simple street food is a crowd favourite.

Chatt Patta – Jubilant

For when the sweet tooth aches, Chatt Patta’s selection of Indian sweetmeats and desserts are a winner! Sink your teeth into some crunchy jalebi, twirls of fried flour dipped in orange syrup, which are made fresh every day at this Woolloongabba eatery. Or if you want to chill, lick on some kulfi, a frozen dairy dessert that is similar to ice cream in both texture and appearance but is creamier and denser. Kulfi is usually served on a stick, and Indians also prefer more unusual and traditional flavours, such as rose, cardamom, and saffron. But you can also enjoy popular flavours such as mango and pistachio. Chatt Patta also serves up gulab jamun, round balls made from milk solids which are then fried in sizzling syrup!

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