9 Of Brisbane’s Best Dumplings Restaurants For Your Gyoza Fix

You haven’t tried these places yet? You’ve Gyoza be kidding me

By Brigitte Ferguson | 15th August 2017

Dumplings, the most underrated of all Asian style foods. These little bite-sized packages of deliciousness can be stuffed with anything you want (prawn, pork, soup, veggies!), are easy to share with friends, and go down seriously well with a beer or two.

Madame Wu | Brisbane City

With their attention to detail and exquisite selection of fillings, these dumplings make your mouth water just looking at the menu. With alllllll the fillings, from Morten bay bugs to pumpkin and sweet potato, there is an option for everyone. Located on Eagle St, this venue combines elegance and funk to create a truly unique and pleasurable dining experience.

Harajuku Gyoza | Multiple Venues

This classic dining spot has multiple locations across Brisbane. Serving them traditional Tokyo style, they are crispy on the bottom but soft and steamy on top. Their traditional menu features pork, prawn, chicken and duck dumplings with some vegetarian options, but it’s their special apple gyoza dessert that is our number one must try item as it is unique to Harajuku Gyoza.

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Dumpling Republic | Brisbane City

It’s in the name so you know it’s good. Dumpling Republic is hidden away in the Wintergarden shopping centre on Queen St. The chefs are passionate about the ‘art of the dumpling’ and it is clear in their handmade creations. They even have $1 dumpling nights on Tuesdays! What more could you need?

Fat Dumpling Bar | Bowen Hills

This Fortitude Valley bar serves up some of the juiciest, freshest and most mouth-watering dumplings you can find served how you like them, whether that be fried, steamed or poached. Pair your dumplings with one of the varieties of Asian beers to make your stomach happy.

A post shared by Fat Dumpling (@fatdumplingbar) on Jun 23, 2017 at 9:32pm PDT

Sono Portside Wharf | Hamilton

Combining fine dining and traditional Japanese experience, Sono Portside Wharf creates a rare dining experience. With exquisite plating and a variety of options, Sono is our pick for a romantic date night destination. The pork and chive gyoza offer a casual touch to the otherwise fancy menu.

Happy Little Dumplings | Jindalee

This little dumpling store became so popular they had to open a second! Best known for their unique variety of flavours, these little parcels of goodness cannot be matched. Ensure you try their Dumpling Junkie Pack that has six of their most popular flavours. Yaasssss!

Bamboo Basket | South Brisbane

Located in South Brisbane, the open kitchen of Bamboo Basket allows you to be fascinated by the craftsmanship of the chefs. You’ll find yourself drooling before you even step inside, and when you do, it’s like heavens doors have opened. Dumplings everywhere! You’ll leave satisfied and wanting to come back, I guarantee it.

A post shared by BambooBasket (@bbamboobasket) on Mar 6, 2017 at 5:54pm PST

Zagyoza | Brisbane City

With 15 flavours of dumplings to choose from, there is definitely something you will like at Zagyoza. From vegan, vegetarian and meat flavours there is no excuse not to try a dumpling here. It features an impressive list of both traditional and multicultural fillings so everyone has something they love. Try the Japanese tofu, spinach and sesame dumpling for something different.

New Shanghai | Brisbane City

Try a taste of Shanghai in the colourful restaurant inspired by the streets of it’s namesake. Ancient recipes passed down through generations make up this elaborate menu. Steamed crab and prawn dumplings are a seasonal special that you must try.

A post shared by New Shanghai (@newshanghai) on Jun 29, 2017 at 2:52am PDT

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