This Australian Powerhouse Are Nailing The Fur Trends Without The Foulplay

Yes, we’re fur-real that no animals were harmed in the creation of these garments!

By Kiri Johnston & Georgie Murray | 9th July 2019

Fur has always been a key trend making waves in the fashion industry, but often for all the wrong reasons. We are huge supporters in bidding farewell to the foul-play of fur-based garments, so we have explored ways to nail the trend without harming our furry friends. Introducing Unreal Fur, a Melbourne based, tight-knit team pushing fur-friendly frocks internationally since 2012. Yes, faux fur is well established, yet many miss the mark on quality. That’s why we sat down with Unreal Fur’s Creative Director, Gilat Shani to understand how they are implementing and influencing change in the rag trade for all the right reasons, without compromising on quality and flare.

How and where is your fashion produced, homegrown or overseas? 
Over the years we have spent much of our time researching and developing what we believe is faux fur of the best possible quality yarns from Japan and Korea. We design in Melbourne and work with ethical suppliers in China to make the magic happen on a global scale.

I look for inspiration in everyone involved in making Unreal Fur happen. Our best work happens when creativity meets hard work on behalf of everyone involved in our production chain.

What’s your Fur-losophy?

Fashion can be luxe, desirable and cruelty-free at the same time. We use technology and cruelty-free fashion culture to drive our designs towards a more ethical and sustainable fashion future.

What’s your brand most known for?

We design with the best quality faux fur one can find, but we are most proud of initiating and leading what we call the Fauxvolution of ethical fashion in Australia and beyond.

What’s your favourite piece of the latest collection?

The Long Mac Coat is the piece that brings me and the rest of the team the most pride. For so long much of the world has seen longer coats, especially fur coats as dated or antique. Today, it’s a pleasure to see young people and fashionistas leaping to invest in a more sophisticated and bolder piece like a body length Unreal Fur coat.

What are some of your favourite Aussie labels other than your own?

Rowie is a label that I admire for their homegrown beginnings. Byron Bay is such a cultural treasure of Australia so it’s hardly a surprise that some of our best fashion labels are born there.

Any exciting plans for your brand in the near future?

We are working to expand into the development of sustainable fibres. Technology is always popping up with new ways to manufacture textiles and materials for fashion and we are aware that the fashion industry can do more to shape the future of our planet positively. So, it’s all about looking into ways that we can dress the world in faux fur that is also sustainable.

Someone that you’d most love to see wear your brand?

The queen of real fur herself: Anna Wintour. The more industry leaders we see wearing faux, the more respected it will be as a viable and desirable alternative to the cruelty and excess of the fur trade business. When it comes to ridding the industry of fur manufacturing, I believe it is a top-down process.

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