What This Twee Fashion Craze Is All About

If it feels wrong, you’re doing it right

By Pia Malouf | 25th March 2024

Unnoticed at first but unmistakably here now, the resurgence of twee fashion is officially here and it’s loud and proud. If you’ve noticed bows, oversized collars, puffy sleeves, stripes, ballet flats, and leopard print in your feeds at the moment, you’ve probably wondered where these unlikely trends have emerged from (or re-emerged shall we say). 

This revival is the epitome of feminine preppy style, drawing inspiration from its origins in the 1980s, a trend that hasn’t been in the spotlight since 2014. However, it’s making a fresh, more relaxed, and contemporary comeback and we couldn’t be more here for it. Last witnessed in 2014, icons like Zooey Deschanel and our queen Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl rocked this preppy yet eccentric schoolgirl look. Who would have thought that 10 years later, these looks are coming back in style? We certainly didn’t! Back again but rebranded with 2024 influence, garments are no longer tight or fitted; they embrace the cooler, boxier fits, straight cuts, and oversized silhouettes of current fashions.

This iconic style embodies a variety of elements. Whether you opt for a complete head-to-toe look or just a subtle touch into your daily wardrobe, you can go a meter or a mile with this aesthetic. Let’s dive into its key components and shop the best of this trend below. 

Oversized Collars and Puff Sleeves

Oversized collars and puffy sleeves take centre stage in this aesthetic. It’s a fun aspect of twee fashion, seamlessly blending a youthful and preppy feel that makes this trend as playful as it is. It’s no surprise TikTok is jumping on the bandwagon by attempting to recreate their own Ganni poplin shirts!


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Mish Mash Clash

Mish Mash Clash is one of our favourite aspects of twee fashion. To rock this look, you can combine geometric patterns like checks, stripes, and polka dots with organic prints such as leopard or zebra to exemplify this clash. Take it a step further by adding vibrant pops of colour to fully embrace this component.


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The Wrong Shoe Theory

Lastly, let’s touch on the “wrong shoe” theory. Twee fashion is all about elevating an outfit and transforming a simple look into something interesting and quirky. That’s why shoes are a great way to top off your look, whether you’re decked out in clashing patterns or sporting the look in a more low-key way. Think ballet flats (see our faves here), cowboy boots, or any shoe that feels unexpectedly mismatched or just wrong – this is what you’re aiming for. Check out our fave ugly shoe for more inspo!


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