18 Slingbacks You Need In Your Wardrobe Right Now

Head over heels 

By Natalie McGowan | 6th March 2024

Every season, a shoe emerges that makes the fashion world’s heart stop. Off the back of the samba fiasco of 2023 and the recent, intense reign of ballet flats, it seems fashionistas around the world have collectively settled on a worthy successor: the slingback.

Timeless, sultry, and sophisticated, the allure of the slingback is undeniable. Somehow making ankles sexy since the mid-1900s, it has remained a reliable silhouette on the feet of the fashionable for years. However, it’s no secret they’re having a major resurgence right now – perhaps something to do with the viral office siren aesthetic that’s been circulating our socials of late.

But why have they made such a monumental comeback? Well, part of their appeal comes from their versatility. Paired with anything from a humble pair of jeans to a wedding dress, slingbacks can elevate any look and make it effortlessly more chic. 

Often appearing in kitten heel form (though we’re suckers for slingback flats, too!), it seems the slingback has officially claimed its title as the shoe of the season. Without a doubt, one thing’s for sure: shoe trends may come and go, but few have the staying power of the slingback.

A wardrobe staple every woman should invest in, find our fave slingback styles below!

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