Butter Yellow Is 2024s Most Delicious Fashion Trend: Here’s How To Wear It

Butter me up

By Teagan Witherow | 5th March 2024

After the fiery reign of red last year (which, let’s be real, we’re still not quite ready to let go of: see here), it’s only natural that the fashion world is craving something a tad more chill. Something less…well, red.

It seems yellow is taking centre stage – and not just any yellow – we’re talking about butter yellow. 

Yes, you read that right. We are recommending that you take inspiration from that delectable spread we all know and love. Whether it’s slathered on a warm bread roll, whipped to perfection, or draped elegantly in the form of a dress, there’s little more delightful than butter atm. Flattering, soft, and sophisticated, it’s the new neutral that we can’t stop wearing.

When it comes to styling this shade, let’s keep it easy-breezy, shall we? Start with a butter yellow tee or tank – soft, comfy, and perfect for a pair of denim jeans. For those seeking a more tailored approach, opt for a blazer and crisp white pants – this says, “I’m a corporate girlie, but I’m also incredibly stylish.”

Be sure to accessorise with chunky gold jewellery, oversized sunglasses with a brown tint, and a neutral handbag – *chefs kiss*. Whoever said colour is hard to style clearly hasn’t met butter yellow yet. It’s palatable enough for all the minimalists out there but also bright enough for all the maximalists.

Still need convincing? Just glance at the latest runways – Raf Simmons, Dion Lee, and Jill Sander for some proof or take a look at our top picks below!

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By Teagan Witherow



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