Stop Right Now! Red Socks And Tights Are In And It’s Hot AF

That’s tight

By Bianca Licina | 21st February 2024

By now, we are all well aware that red is trending and has staked its claim as the colour of the season, and from all (2024 fashion weeks) accounts, it’s seemingly here to stay. Since its entrance onto runways and IG feeds all across the EU, we’ve seen various adaptations of this trend from top to toe. From bright ballet flats to red’s rich(er) cousin burgundy dominating our Pinterest boards, we thought we had seen it all. It wasn’t until socks and tights joined the party that we realised this is truly a trend that keeps on giving. 

Spotted on the stems of supermodels and fashion lovers at recent fashion weeks (namely Copenhagen Fashion Week), red tights and socks are the new must-have accessory and we have to admit, we’re (really) into it. 

With autumn almost upon us, it’s finally our turn to take this trend for a whirl as we anticipate our winter wardrobes. We hear you; this trend is a lot. But remember folks, we’re aiming to take things up a notch this year (remember mob wife aesthetic??). 

So take our hand and let us guide you through our collective transition to the bold side. We’ve compiled our favourite looks from this trend as well as a few items so you can take a swing at it yourself. 

Try for yourself:

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By Bianca Licina Certified shopaholic, Bianca is happiest in her favourite pair of jeans with a piccolo latte in hand.



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