Move Over Clean Girls! The Mob Wife Aesthetic Is Taking Over

Loud luxury 

By Bianca Licina | 17th January 2024

In 2023, the clean girl aesthetic reigned supreme; a look that focused on emphasising natural beauty through a (seemingly) effortless and minimalistic approach. However, 2024 is turning up the volume and politely putting up the middle finger to last year’s looks. It’s time to mess up your buns, pile on the liner, and dial up the attitude; the mob wife aesthetic has just pulled up and Donatella is calling. Embraced by the likes of Dua Lipa, J Law and Queen Kylie, the mob wife aesthetic is taking over our feeds and we’re here for it. 

It’s hard to say exactly why this overhaul occurred, however, the fashion gods have been planting this 180 via micro trends in past seasons (looking at you Y2K). Have you been sporting red claws this summer? Have hair rollers become part of your hair routine? Well then you’ve begun your transition to the dark side. With the new year arriving, it’s time to kick this trend into gear. Think opulence, ostentatiousness, and over the top…ness and you’ve got this trend in the bag (Gucci, of course).


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So, how do you get the look?

Let’s break it down into fashion and face. Fashion-wise, it’s all about bringing the drama. Elements such as leopard print, pinstripe, leather and lace exude loud luxury. It truly is all about the accessories. Throw on your favourite gold hoops, oversized sunglasses and chunky belts and show off hubby’s hard work. 

For the face, minimalistic makeup and slicked back hair? Fugget about it! The mob wife aesthetic demands looking a little undone and effortless. Try a smudged liner, heavier eye makeup, dark lips, and voluminous hair (to hide your secrets).

The most important accessory of all? Your attitude. Be confident, be bold and don’t take nothing from no one! 


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Our friends over the ocean are naming this ‘Mob Wife Winter’ where furs and high boots are not only on the money, but also absolutely necessary. In sunny ol’ Oz, we must adapt because the absence of cold weather should never stop us from embracing our inner Carmela Soprano. 

If you are ready to marry for money and turn a blind eye to dodgy deals, dress the part with our curated mob wife wardrobe (summer edition) below. 

*Some prices have been converted to AUD and are subject to change. 

By Bianca Licina Certified shopaholic, Bianca is happiest in her favourite pair of jeans with a piccolo latte in hand.
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