Brisbane’s best ramen

From students looking for cheap eats, to foodies fantasising over this mouth-watering, steamy broth, we’ve got your guide to the best ramen in Brisbane.

By Guest Styler | 2nd July 2015

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By Lucy White and Hannah Doody

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you that Brisbane-ites love their Asian food. More specifically, they love their ramen. This delicious concoction of steaming broth, vegetables, noodles and meat is versatile, and is the perfect winter no-brainer meal.

Here are our five top picks for satiating your noodle soup cravings; Brisbane’s best ramen.


Now with two Brisbane locations, Taro’s Ramen & Café has not only been hallowed by many (including critics) as the best ramen in Brisbane, but also as some of the best in Australia! Using fresh local produce and dry goods from trusted suppliers in Japan, Taro’s ramen dishes don’t contain any MSG or preservatives, so you know it’s as good for you as it tastes (which is amazing).

Ground Level, 363 Adelaide St, Brisbane
P 3832 6358
1/145 Racecourse Rd, Ascot
P 3868 2833


Wednesday is no longer just for wine – it’s wine and ramen night at Gerard’s Bar! Embracing the winter chill, you can now get delicious, steaming ramen from 3pm every Wednesday. It’s all made in-house with macadamia-fed charcuterie pigs, and the delicious Tonkotsu-style ramen goes perfectly with a traditional warm sake. Need more convincing? This delightful offering can be snapped up for just $15 per person.

13a/23 James St, Fortitude Valley
P 3252 2606


Specialising in pork-broth ramen, Genkotsu Ramen offer a slightly different flavour for the ramen lovers out there. The restaurant offers nine different ramen dishes to suit all types of different palates, so you’ll be spoiled for choice (and you might just have to come back). Genkotsu’s pork broth is perfection – make sure you taste every drop and leave with a full belly!

Runcorn Plaza, 25/258 Warrigal Rd, Runcorn
P 0416 292 167


If you’re looking for an authentic Japanese taste sensation in suburban Australia, Hakataya Ramen is the place for you! A Japanese franchise (with 17 locations in Japan), you can get your fill of authentic ramen deliciousness at any of the six Brisbane locations in Sunnybank, Indooroopilly, 8 Mile Plains, Garden City and the CBD. They even offer free “noodle refills” when you have leftover broth!


Fans of the departed Ajisen Noodles in the city will be happy to hear that it’s been reincarnated in the West End. The same owner has taken over this small space and is managing to produce some pretty awesome ramen from the tiny kitchen for mostly under $10. There’s “Raku” ramen, pork tonkotsu, miso and paiku (“tenderous pork ribs”) as well as a delicious (but not overly kosher) chicken karaage variation. You can also add extra vegetables, tofu or dumplings for only a few extra dollars.

153 Boundary St, West End
P 07 3846 6528