We Spent The Day At TotalFusion Platinum’s New Spa, Open To Non-Members

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By Kelly Beasley | 3rd May 2024

At the moment, working out the best option to care for my aging skin feels like such a quandary. I’ve always been pretty low-maintenance in my simple home routine and not overly indulgent in beauty treatments, so, I’m not too well-versed in understanding the complexities of the world of facials.

Am I right to assume I’m not alone in having blissfully taken youthful skin for granted? Next minute, I’m well into my forties and starting to get quite self-conscious of the fine lines and enlarged pores situation. It is definitely time for me to lean in and start investing in my skin.

I’m in that era of women who grew up lathering themselves in oil to sunbake, only to later learn the irreversible damage that is inflicted on our skin. If only we could turn back the clock on those decisions! Invasive and surgical treatments haven’t quite enticed me yet, though I’m not saying never. I’ve been interested in finding the ideal facial to give my skin a more natural lift and help reduce pore size. So, when the opportunity to try TotalFusion Platinum Spa‘s new Hydrafacial Platinum arose, I jumped at the chance to see for myself what the rave reviews are all about.

It’s well worth knowing that whilst this stunning spa is part of TotalFusion Platinum’s world-class Newstead facility, you don’t need to be a member to access it. Everyone can get that TFP glow! Treatments are open to the public for everyone to enjoy (and enjoy you will!).

On arrival

My experience commenced with a warm welcome from the team, followed by instructions to change into the softest robe I’ve ever worn, along with matching slippers – instant relaxation.  Then, it was into the sunken lounge for sparkling water on tap and pre-consult with my therapist, Amy. With over a decade of experience, Amy was well-equipped to customise the treatment for my skin type and focus areas. We then moved into the tranquil personal treatment room where I cocooned myself in layers of soft bedding, ready to enjoy the next 60 minutes of pampering.

The treatment

Throughout the treatment, Amy seemed to master the balance of talking me through each step and allowing me to enjoy the moment. She methodically worked her magic maneuvering the high-tech wand of the Hydrafacial machine over my face through the cleanse, exfoliate, and extract process. A combination of acids such as glycolic and salicylic are used to soften the skin and open pores in preparation for optimum extraction of dead skin cells. These active ingredients are specifically chosen to gently penetrate for a deeper cleanse.

I found the motion of the wand over my face to be soothing and massage-like, and the idea of it vacuuming the impurities out of my pores was beyond satisfying. Along the way, Amy spoke about the damage done when we squeeze and pick blemishes at home.  It made me think of all those younger years I did exactly that, not understanding the long-term damage it was doing by leaving my pores open and exposed – another learning I shall share with my teenage children.

The treatment then moved into 15 minutes of infra-red light to stimulate collagen and penetrate up to 6mm under the skin. An eye mask was applied which allowed me to drift into a further state of zen, particularly when Amy asked if I was happy for her to massage my scalp while waiting. Umm, is that even a question?

Next came the rejuvenating serums specifically chosen for my skin type and focus area, which for me is anti-aging, followed by eye cream and moisturiser. These were all chosen from their range of iS Clinical Skincare, available to purchase for at-home care. I was so impressed that I purchased a few products and can’t wait to see how they perform with ongoing use at home.

After treatment, guests are served rosehip tea & chocolates in the sunken lounge. Plus, all TFP Spa treatments of one hour or more are eligible to access the wellness facilities privately tucked within the Spa, consisting of a steam room, cold plunge, and dry sauna. Next time – and there will definitely be a next time for me – I plan to take advantage of these facilities before getting a facial to avoid steam, excess heat or water straight afterwards. It didn’t matter this time though because I headed up to the Wellness Rooftop* to enjoy the pool and a light lunch on a daybed to reflect on my TFP Spa experience which delivered over and above my expectations in refined luxury.

The results

Fast forward one week since my treatment and the result? I’m so impressed by the visible reduction in pores. My skin feels so much brighter and firmer than I remember it looking in years. I think I’ve found the answer to my skincare quandary!

*Access to the Wellness Rooftop is an additional $50 charge for non-members of TotalFusion Platinum.





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