Say Cheese! Tooth Bling Is The Next Big Thing For Your Grin

Blinding smile 

By Teagan Witherow | 24th November 2023

Could the latest beauty craze involve a… um… dental accessory? Yep, and it’s called a tooth gem.

Now, before you start picturing a disco ball in your mouth, let’s break this down. Tooth gems are tiny, sparkling adornments neatly affixed onto the teeth. Think of them as the glamourous cousins of traditional braces but with a whole lot more flair. Hearts, stars, diamonds – you name it, and you can probably find a tooth gem version of it.


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Who would have thought we’d be sticking gems onto our pearly whites in the name of beauty? Yet here we are, watching our fave celebrities flaunt their bedazzled smiles. We hate to admit it, but it really does look cool; thanks a lot, Rosalía, Hailey Beiber, and Katy Perry.  

The best part? This isn’t an American-only craze, with boutiques and dental clinics across Australia following suit. From Lucky Tooth Gems to Ruby The Tooth Fairy, a unique array of locations are getting in on the embellishments. 

Before you go bedazzling your grin, you should know these little jewels stick around for about six months. They’re applied with a strong adhesive, but fear not: they won’t play any tricks on your teeth if a professional is handling them. If you’re not loving them, you can bid them farewell at a dental clinic – no drama, no pain. So, who’s up for taking their chompers to a whole new level?

By Teagan Witherow




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