PSA: Zara Has Launched A Pet Collection And It Is Boujee AF

*Adds to cart*

By Astrid Taemets | 4th March 2021

Ok people, time to fess up! We all love a good shopping spree at Zara (guilty as charged!) on the reg, thanks to their affordable, on-trend pieces that hit the nail on the head, each and every time.

But while scrolling their new collection online during my lunch break today, something *especially* spectacular caught my eye: pet accessories.

Yes, my friends, your fave fash store is now stocking cute buys for your floofs! Who’s a good boy?!

To celebrate this ahh-mazing news, we’ve rounded up some of our top picks from the big Z, plus a handful of other local labels who are here to help you pamper your pooch senseless.

And if you really feel like spoiling your fur-baby, check out these luxe dog-friendly staycays.

Happy shopping, puppers!