Hit The Hay: Sleep Products You Need For A Good Night’s Slumber

If you snooze, you win!

By Cara Fraser | 15th March 2024

Tired (literally) of waking up with eye bags and brain fog?

A change of season calls for a sleep routine update; say bye-bye to restless, and hello to refreshed. Bright eyes, soft skin, and deep sleeps are on the horizon with our list of must-have sleep products to get you past REM and in (and remaining in) a deep sleep.

Silk or nothing!

Your new setup features a structured silk pillowcase and matching sleep mask to protect your lashes, hair, and skin. Silk is renowned for reducing wrinkles, hair frizz, and split ends due to its soft and smooth nature, meaning little texture and less tugging. An ergonomic pillow will protect your neck and alleviate pressure on the fragile skin around your eyes, and the eye mask will block out all disruptions, ensuring you get your full 8 hours.

A little extra help

Guilty of a late-night doom scroll? Blue light glasses will block out harmful rays that inhibit your natural melatonin production, but aromatherapy and supplements will repromote it for total relaxation and a smooth descent into slumber.

Now onto skincare

While you’re sleeping, your skin switches into recovery mode. It spends all day protecting itself from pollutants and irritants and regenerates through the night at up to three times the rate of what it does during the day. Because of this and the fact that your skin is more permeable during sleep, your nightly skincare routine is absorbed at a faster, more effective rate. Your slumber products need to be top-notch and targeted toward rejuvenation and recovery.

The final touches

A soothing candle that becomes a lush massage oil? Say less! A relaxing night routine prepares your brain and bod for a restful slumber, so allowing it to well and truly unwind is essential. A gentle massage and the fluffy sleep socks make for a comfortable wake-up call on cloud 9. A cool glass of water from your bedside carafe in the morning sun will have you starting your day with a hydrated pep in your step.

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