Big Mood: Here Are Your Scorpio Horoscope Predictions For 2021

Still water runs deep

By Julia Wyer | 27th October 2021

The sun has officially flown out of Libra, and Scorpio SZN is here baby! If your special day is between 23 October and 21 November, this is a time for transformation.

For any special people you met during Libra season, it’s time to step it up! Channel all your passion and intensity into focusing on these relationships. Scorpio babies have the ultimate intuition, so whoever is giving you all the good vibes, stick by their side.

You may be feeling more emotional (you are a water sign after all) but this is a time to explore your deepest connections and take a moment for some self-love. It may sound intense but it’s a good thing we promise. It’s your time to shine!

Scroll to check out your fellow Scorpio celebs!

Julia Roberts

Born: 28 October, 1967

Kris Jenner

Born: 5 November, 1955

Kendall Jenner

Born: 3 November, 1995


Born: 24 October 24, 1986

Leonardo DiCaprio

Born: 11 November, 1974

Willow Smith

Born: 31 October, 2000

Katy Perry

Born: 25 October, 1984


Born: 7 November, 1996

Penn Badgley

Born: 1 November, 1986

Matthew McConaughey

Born: 4 November,1969


Born: 8 November, 1989

Also, she might not be a celebrity, but honourable mention to our digi journo:

Dinushka Gunasekara

Born: 29 October, 1998
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