15 Of Our Favourite Phone Cases To Level Up Your Mirror Selfies 

Case closed

By Jess Fuller | 5th December 2023

With our phones pretty much always glued in our hands (no judgement, we’re guilty too!), why waste an opportunity to make a statement? 

Phone cases aren’t just your digital bestie’s personal bodyguards – they’re a blank canvas for your personal style. With an array of designs to choose from, phone cases give a sneak peek into your unique personality and can totally match your outfits for that extra style oomph. Plus, we think they’re totally the star of the show in mirror selfies!

With so many different options out there, choosing the ideal case can be exciting yet overwhelming. But don’t sweat it; that’s where The Dairy comes in. They’ve got your back with a curated selection of cases designed in collaboration with your favourite artists – think Jasmine Dowling, BG. Studio, Nardurna, Apéro, and more! 

Ready to upgrade your phone case? Check out our top picks below:

Shop The Dairy’s stylish range here.

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