Hood Hideouts: A Guide To The Cool, Calm and Cultured, New Farm

Hood Hideouts: A Guide To The Cool, Calm and Cultured, New Farm

The need to knows of 4005.

By Fiona Williams | 22nd March 2021

New Farm is one of the most bustling ‘burbs of Brisbane where the city’s original bricks and mortar has created a contemporary playground for the cool, calm and cultured. To add to our Hood Hideout series, we’ve delved deep into the streets of 4005 to discover the haunts, culture and community of the area.

Now this is a plant paradise! | Arc + Family

No green-thumb needed here to refresh plant-life at your place. Bring the outside in while adding some colour, character and charm with interiors by Arc + Family. Gone are the days of boring terracotta pot-plants and outdated aesthetics, thanks to this groovy haven. One walk through the welcoming boutique will trigger your inspiration with bright colours, unique prints and refreshing interpretations of home interiors. High school sweethearts Ash and Ben are the creatives behind the cool, and have recently opened ‘El’Rosa’ an extension of Arc + Family for those seeking some pink-spiration in a plant paradise.


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Nahrita is back! | Differente Boutique

Nahrita Machin has been playing the fashion game for over 25 years so it’s no wonder her latest venture in New Farm is firing out high scores. Contributing to the cool community of Merthyr Village, her past fashion endeavours have taken her across the prominent hoods of Brisbane but it’s now in the thriving inner-city haven where her boutique has really taken shape. The fourth boutique in her lineup of businesses established from scratch, Differente, is not concerned about size but rather finding the perfect shape to compliment each individual client, and what a location to do so. “If we all thought more about the shapes of clothing and how it fits on the body it would make the experience of buying clothes much easier,” she says.

At Differente, racks of clothes oozing character are sourced from handpicked labels across Australia, Europe and the USA including Johnny Was, Desigual, Paula Ryan, Annette Gortz, Faber, Morrison, Alquema, Monari, Paige and NYDJ denim. The elaborate range helps Differente to find their clients clothing that embraces their unique personality so everyone who walks out of the store can take their new purchases to the streets with confidence. Fashion is not about following trends, but instead it’s about finding a style that suits every client so they can feel comfortable wearing it. Just as fashion icon Coco Chanel says, “Fashion changes, but style endures”, Differente by name has become a refreshing addition to the fashion field of New Farm.


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Calling all potato lovers | Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers

When we take a look at trending dishes, it’s undeniable – Gnocchi is having a hot moment! For those who love themselves some potato pasta (all in favour, say aye!), a trip to the legendary Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers is a must. They’re Australia’s first 100% dedicated Italian Gnoccheria, serving up an array of deliciously fluffy gnocchi with amazing local ingredients, and their new northside store opening is worth talking about! With specialties including their signature wild mushroom and truffle dish, and a traditional Italian Bolognese that would make Nonna proud, multiple visits to their New Farm location are recommended… any sort of after-dinner physical activity is not!

Brunch just got better | Mylk + Co

From freshly blended acai bowls (complete with delicious home-made granola) to beef cheek eggs benedict, there is something to satisfy any palate at this New Farm brunch space. MYLK + KO pride themselves on providing you with the perfect brunch, no matter your preference or intolerance. Find each item made in-house using fresh and wholesome ingredients, MYLK + KO also support local, using Rayners’ meats and Bakeologists’ bread. With a dog friendly atmosphere (yes, they even serve puppy ice cream) there is also a kids’ menu guaranteed to please! Open 7am-2pm weekdays and 7.30am-2pm weekends.


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New Farm’s Awesome Foursome | Place New Farm

No one knows your home like you do so when it comes time to move on, you want to be assured that it’s sold in safe hands. That’s when Aaron Woolard and his passionate team step in, to exceed client expectations and deliver excellent results.

New Farm specialists in every sense of the phrase, Aaron and his team are not only colleagues, but are also lifelong and trusted friends outside of the office walls. New Farm isn’t just a statistic to them; it’s their home, too. When Aaron is not walking his dog through the leafy streets of the hood, he relishes in the booming café and restaurant scene. It’s with this that his unique insider perspective has been formed to help flourish his success.

Through honesty, diligence and natural charisma, Aaron has secured a spot as the top salesperson for Place New Farm and has even gained national recognition in the industry. His hands-on approach allows him to understand the ins and outs of your property and combined with his superior market knowledge and effortless communication skills, he is able to go above and beyond. But what really sets him apart is his highly approachable nature and undeniable integrity, so you can actually enjoy the selling process and give a hard pass to all the nerves.


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Article by Fiona Williams

Fiona is a Journalist and Food Writer who grew up in Adelaide. From Sydney to Brisbane to Canberra and now back to Brisbane, she now calls our wonderful city home. She’s a beauty fanatic obsessed with rose hip oil and she’s definitely made up of at least 80% dry shampoo. A lifelong campaigner against the word ‘good’, Fi (as she likes to be called) loves nothing more than using juicy adjectives and putting honey in her tea.


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