After A New Set Of Wheels? We’ve Found Brisbane’s Best Second-Hand Car Dealership

Fresh wheels here we come!

By Guest Styler | 30th August 2018

It’s notoriously known that buying a used car is no easy feat. If you have ever bought (or tried to buy) a used car, you may have been met with a lot of stress, frustration, and disappointment. This is because selling quality and reliable used cars takes considerable skill, care, and attention. But never fear! We’ve found Brisbane’s best second hand car dealership.

Kedron Car Centre operates on old fashioned values, cherishing their reputation, customer referrals and friendships over absolutely everything. From the humble beginnings of a motor mechanic with a passion for providing quality cars, Enzo Di Sipio opened Kedron Car Centre, growing it into a family owned business with over 100 used cars in stock. His sons, Robert and Chris joined the business in 2003 and 2005, and their longest serving staff member Bret, who joined the company 20 years ago, is still with them today.

Most of the cars at Kedron Car Centre are RACQ inspected for peace of mind, and the quick and extremely easy purchasing process is something the staff are commended on. The team are committed to helping you gain the required knowledge to confidently buy the car of your dreams. It’s this security that causes customers to continuously return, as they know they’re always making a wise and suitable purchase.

A one stop shop means you can bring in your old car, trade it in on a newly selected one, finance it with Kedron Car Centre, obtain an extended warranty and have it insured, quite often all on the same day. Their impeccable and trustworthy service is now preceding them, with many new and previous customers choosing to buy cars sight un-seen. This is due to customers knowing exactly what to expect – making the process of purchasing even easier. The careful preparation given to each of their vehicles puts customers at ease and makes the entire process, which was once stereo-typed as incredibly stressful, much more pleasant and worry free.

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