Sweat It Out With 4 Of Brisbane’s Best Fitness Classes

Sweat It Out With 4 Of Brisbane’s Best Fitness Classes

This is how we can get away with eating burgers for every meal.

By Siobhan Taylor | 24th July 2018

Winter is the perfect time of year to take a step back and see how you’re progressing with the goals you set in the New Year. While some resolutions may seem out of reach (let’s be real, moving overseas sounds fun until you have to start looking at VISA regulations…), there are some goals that you can get started on immediately. If you decided that you were going to put your health first this year but maybe haven’t tackled that half marathon like you swore you would back in January, now is the perfect time to get back on track. We’ve put together a list of some of Brisbane’s best fitness classes to help you get back on track with your fitness goals.

Now start blasting “Eye Of The Tiger” and get out there!

FITA-U Performance Centre | Paddington

Working out of their Paddington-based studio, FITA-U Performance Centre adopts a uniquely personal approach to training. At FITA-U, you’re not just a body in a class – you’re part of their community! Their expert team of coaches are committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals, whatever they may be, and use every aspect of health and fitness to address these. Offering advice on everything from recovery and form to nutrition and training, their semi-private personal training allows you to get the benefit of one-on-one training as well as the support from working-out as a group. They are super passionate about fostering a supportive community where everyone is invited to feel apart of a movement. Plus, their smart programming means that members are able to see improvements week to week so that you can start seeing progress ASAP! We recommend checking out the FITCon class. Start off with 35 minutes of high-intensity interval strength training & some boxing followed by 30 minutes of relaxing Vinyasa style yoga. With a maximum of 12 people in each session, it’s the ultimate Yin Yang experience!


Insurgence Fitness | Taringa

Insurgence Fitness has seriously revolutionised the way we train! Offering functional training classes 24/7, you can show up when you want and get the full benefits of an epic 30-minute training session. A new workout starts every 3 minutes, meaning you can fit your training into your schedule. Plus, the workouts change daily so that you (and your body) never get bored! Their classes are based on functional training, one of the world’s most popular training styles, and uses the body’s natural movements to strengthen and tone the entire body, as well as burn fat. At Insurgence, you’re treated like a member of their family. Everyone works together alongside a team of experienced and friendly trainers in order to achieve the best possible results. If you’re a first timer, be sure to check out their Wednesday Circuit workouts. As a fun, high-energy 30-minute workout, you’ll work through a series of exercises to see how far through the circuit you can get. Plus, their rewarding points system means that you have a tangible measurement for how your health and fitness is improving week on week!


Brickhouse Gym | Coorparoo

With a homely and friendly environment and someone to chat with every time you pop in, training at Brickhouse is a unique experience. The owners and team have tried really hard to ensure they have created a space where everyone feels welcome and is excited to work on themselves and reach their goals. Taking training to the next level, they even offer social events such as beer & yoga sessions, BBQ’s, doggy dates and yoga workshops! They have a particular focus on their weights and circuit classes as they are the best way to tone up, but with a boxing studio, yoga and pilates classes, cardio sessions and more, you have access to a full range of training sessions. Their range of classes has been designed to complement each other, meaning no matter what your fitness goals are they’ll help get you there. As a gym where everyone gets involved and knows you by name, you’ll find yourself looking forward to when you can next go in!

CrossFit Coorparoo | Coorparoo

Whether you’re curious about exploring the world of CrossFit or whether you’re a dedicated CrossFitter, CrossFit Coorparoo should be your go-to! With a strong emphasis on community, Trent and the team have been helping people on their fitness journey for almost 10 years. During this time, they have always been focused on building a fitness community and being more than just a gym. Understanding that a real community is created by the values and the people within the community, Owner Trent has spent the last 10 years ensuring that he has created a space where everyone feels welcome. Establishing a warm, fun and welcoming community that helps individuals see results has always been their number one priority and is why they are one of Brisbane’s premier training facilities. At CrossFit Coorparoo, they understand that people want to see results. This is why the CrossFit methodology of high-intensity functional movements is so successful in regards to results-driven training. With a 500m2 facility, they are constantly improving as a fitness company and ensuring that their training moves in line with the latest fitness innovations.


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Article by Siobhan Taylor

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