This Is How Your Star Sign Can Help You Plan The Perfect Holiday

Welcome to astrocartography!

By Lauren Payne | 13th February 2024

Astrology is full of valuable information you can obtain by simply learning about your star sign and reading your own birth chart. We already know the stars can tell us about our love lives, potential career paths, and help us reflect on how our past experiences have shaped who we are today, but did you know they can also help you plan the perfect holiday?

Astrocartography (also known as astromapping), is a tool used by astrologers that allows them to use someone’s birth chart to help decipher the best cities around the world for that person to both travel to and live in.  Wondering why your last two holidays have been super stressful or simply not a vibe? Astrocartography can help you figure it out!

How does astrocartography work?

By combining our birth chart information with a map of the world, you’ll be able to decipher the best places in the world to take a restorative break from daily life – or study abroad if that’s the kind of trip you’re looking for.

This may sound like a lot, but astrocartography is a lot simpler than it sounds. To generate your own map, all you need to do is punch your birth date, time, and location into an online chart generator (we recommend this one) and it’ll present you with your very own astrocartography chart that features coloured lines that stretch across a world map, showing you the best places for you to visit.

So, what does each line mean?

When you enter your birth chart details into the astrocartography chart generator, you’ll be presented with a map of the world that’s covered in coloured lines. Each of these coloured lines represents a planet in your birth chart and the energy they bring to certain destinations.

Every planetary line is also associated with an angle in your birth chart, and if you follow these lines both vertically and horizontally, you’ll discover destinations that emulate the energy of each planet and angle in your birth chart. The angles to pay attention to are your Ascendant (AC), Descendant (DC), Imum coeli (IC), and Midheaven (MC).

To help you read your astrocartography chart, I’ve put together a handy guide to each planet line and angle, so you can easily find the best cities around the world to visit on your next holiday.

Sun line

Destinations along your Sun line allow you to shine and live your best life. Moving to a place on your Sun AC line or Sun IC line will help you feel confident enough to always be yourself and allow your natural talents to shine. Visiting a destination on your Sun MC line may also help you meet people who could help advance your career.

Moon line

Places along your Moon line tend to make you feel more emotionally balanced and create memories that’ll last a lifetime. If you’ve been having a rough time, visiting a destination along your Moon IC line may help you retreat and do whatever it is that makes your feel better emotionally, so you can return home feeling more refreshed. Travelling with friends or family members to somewhere along your Moon AC line may also help you create treasured memories and connect with each other on a deeper level, allowing you to build stronger connections.

Mercury line

Destinations along your Mercury line tend to be the best places to visit if you want to “live like a local” and explore the community. Towns along your Mercury MC line are also great places to live if you’d like to create more social connections and network with others in your chosen field.

Venus line

Like destinations along your Mercury line, places along your Venus line are great for making new connections both professionally and socially. Cities along your Venus DC line may also be a great place to visit if you’re looking for a long-term partnership.

Mars line

Towns and cities along your Mars line are usually places where you’ll be constantly on the go and crave adventure. Destinations on your Mars AC line are great holiday destinations for adrenaline junkies who love to get their blood pumping.

Jupiter line

Locations along your Jupiter line will help you learn new things and be more spontaneous. If you’re looking for a holiday where you’re able to immerse yourself in a new culture and learn something new, then visiting somewhere on your Jupiter AC line would be a great option.

Saturn line

If you’re looking to bring more structure into your life or need to retreat to a place where you can knuckle down and get stuff done, then visiting a town on your Saturn line would be a good idea. Want to go on a writing retreat or settle down to work on a task? Then visiting somewhere along your Saturn MC line or your Saturn DC line may be helpful.

Uranus line

When visiting destinations on your Uranus line, you may feel compelled to help people within your community. It may also be hard to stick to a routine in these areas, but if you want a holiday where you don’t have a plan and just want to follow your gut, then visiting a destination on your Uranus MC like could be just the ticket.

Neptune line

People who love art and want to have a dreamier holiday should visit a town along their Neptune line. The only issue here is that you may be more susceptible to deception, so be wary while you’re out and about.

Pluto line

Looking for a transformative holiday where you come back feeling like you’ve levelled up? Then visit somewhere along your Pluto line! These places are perfect for anyone who wants to change some aspect of their life but is unsure how – the stars will help make these changes happen when you’re staying along your Pluto AC and Pluto MC lines.

Pro tip: to help you understand your astrocartography chart a little bit more, find places you’ve already visited to see if the energy you felt on that holiday matches the energy of the planetary line closest to it.

No matter what kind of holiday you’re after, generating your astrocartography chart will help you find the perfect place to plan your next holiday, so the vibe is always right!

By Lauren Payne When she’s not chewing your ear off about the full moon, Lauren can be found making playlists and sipping her third coffee of the day.
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