Get Your Adrenaline Pumping With These Exhilarating Experiences

To experience is to truly live life to the full.

By Guest Styler | 27th February 2019

Most of us, via habit or necessity, are in auto pilot mode; we’re merely existing, rather than living. Challenging one’s limits and conquering inner fears in a range of new encounters and activities is surely the essence of spiritual, mental and physical success and surrender.

The art of experiential gifting provides an intangible yet unforgettable duality that is designed to last a lifetime. Adrenaline is innately aware of the personal gains in not only stretching one’s perceived capabilities, but also having faith and placing trust in the experts, letting go and ultimately having the time of your life. They are in the business of curating and offering unique and exhilarating experiences (more than 2500, to be precise) for all ages, tastes and at pristine locations throughout Australia and also in parts of New Zealand.

On land, above or below water, in the air, without a care, cruising or lightning paced, exuberantly energised, high-powered, motorised, self-propelled and sustained activities in group, tandem and solo encounters, whatever your inner adventurer yearns to accomplish, Adrenaline gives wings to every new experience. It just depends on your preferred surface treatment for achieving the unimaginable.

If you have a yen for V8 Hot Laps, Supercar, Rally Driving, European Supercars and Supercar Drive Days, all the action on four and two wheels is close at hand. On land, iconic bridge climbs, quad biking, Harley Rides, abseiling, theme parks and other thrill rides might take your fancy.

Feel like cooling your heels and making a splash in the process? You could master the waves, cruise the rivers and conquer the deep blue oceans in a limitless range of water sports.

Just some of the activities designed to whet your appetite include V8 jet-boat rides, sailing encounters, cruising, jet-ski, jet-pack and fly-board activities, surfing, stand-up paddle-boarding, whale watching, swimming with sea lions, seals, sharks and dolphins, Great Barrier Reef tours, scuba diving and white-water rafting.

If you hanker to fly high, the sky is truly the limit. Adrenaline offers all the latest and greatest airborne activities that are operated by the experts in sky-bound adventures.

There are helicopter and hot-air balloon rides, jet-fighter simulators, indoor and open-air tandem skydiving, seaplanes, scenic and King Island DC3 flights, parasailing, gliding, even body flying, at the most spectacular natural settings in the southern continent. All you see are the deep blue sea and rushing waterways, city skylines or lush green fields, mountainous backdrops and the rugged landscape below. You might be floating on air, but maximum safety and the ultimate adrenaline rush are always the main aim in a unique high-flying experience.

Gourmets can acquire a rarefied taste for the finer things in life with cooking classes, chocolate-making activities, BBQ courses, wine-and-dine appreciation tours, cocktail-mixing courses that will make you the life of any party, high teas to savour, and even take-home packages, such as hampers, gift baskets and other luxury items that are set to delight and enliven the taste buds.

The wellness industry has also experienced a boon in these technologically challenging times.

Adrenaline puts your physical and holistic equilibrium first and foremost with a range of health-inducing wellbeing packages. Included in these offerings are divine massage and day spa therapy, also with hot springs bathing, rejuvenating facials and pamper products that are all expertly crafted to create a lasting inner and outer glow.

There’s also a range of fitness and self-defence training classes throughout Australia that will not only build inner strength and endurance, but are also designed to empower your mind, body and spirit.

Every wellbeing package offered by Adrenaline is tailored to effortlessly maintain and sustain your sense of Zen. Living is in the doing rather than the dreaming.

Whether in cruising or full-throttle mode, group or singular activities, river deep or mountain-high location, in the air or on the sea, Adrenaline knows that whatever setting, level and style of experience you set out to achieve will be the making of you.

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