30 Days Styled By My Boyfriend | The Interview

The end is nigh! The end of the #30daysstyledbymyboyfriendchallenge, that is. I sat down with the man behind the outfits to see if there was method to his madness.

By Guest Styler | 15th May 2015

After nearly 30 days of styling, I thought it only fitting that you find out a little bit more about the guy behind the garb; the artist behind the attire; the enigma behind the ensembles…

As you may remember from week 1, I mentioned that my boyfriend worked in sport (so wore polo shirts, shorts and joggers every day) had a love for stripes, and on the first night I met him – at the Normanby, mind you (hey, I was young! I lived close by!)-  he was wearing a green Boston Celtics basketball singlet over a baggy fluoro orange t-shirt. Yep. He has progressed in the style stakes since then, but it’s been baby steps. People have been asking me if he knows more than he lets on, and at the beginning of the challenge, I would have said a definite NO! But, nearly four weeks in, I’m not so sure. Along with you guys, I have been pretty impressed with what he’s come out with – although the challenge hasn’t finished just yet!

So in the lead up to the final chapter of #30DaysStyledByMyBoyfriend, I sat down with the boyf to give you an insight into his personal style, and to see if there was any method to his (somewhere between magical and mediocre) styling madness.

Stay tuned to the final outfit and wrap-up on Tuesday May 21 (I’m bloody ecstatic) and read on below to hear what the man himself had to say. Fluke or finely-tuned fashion-mista? You be the judge…

Lucy: How would you describe your own personal style?

The Boyf: Coast inspired, with deep tribal roots and an affinity for the retro look.

Where do you get your inspiration from, where do you think your personal style comes from?

I think it’s just from growing up. I grew up on the Sunshine Coast and have always just really liked the surf culture. And as I’ve grown up I guessed it’s expanded to also take influence from the Gold Coast, Byron and from Brisbane. Not that I’ve lived in Byron or the Gold Coast, but I’ve been there (laughs).

Whose style do you admire?

For my own style I don’t really follow designers and I don’t follow looks. I don’t try and emulate anyone’s style really, because I’m my own person but I like to draw inspiration from different people and sometimes I’ll just see something and think ‘that looks cool.’

So no celeb style icons?

Not off the top of my head. I know you like Ryan Gosling. I could say Ryan Gosling but that would be incorrect, ‘cos I don’t try and dress like Ryan Gosling, even though I think it’s cool. It’s more about what I see on Instagram. Oh, that’s one person I like – [singer] Donovan Frankenreiter. I think my style is most like his.

Really? He’s very hippy. You don’t dress like him at all…

I guess, if I had the budget, I’d dress like him.

(Still laughing) He doesn’t look like he spends much money on clothes!

He’s cool though. I don’t spend money on clothes, really. I guess my style is kind of like on a scale and it depends on where I’m going. Ryan Gosling is more in the middle, Donavon Frankenreiter on the more casual side and right at the other end is obviously George Clooney or David Beckham. Or Tyson Beckford. Yeah, that’s it.

(Laughs) He tends to not wear shirts that often…

Yeah – that’s me to a tee! When I’m at home and there’s no one around…

What style do you like when it comes to women’s fashion?

I like Spell Byron Bay stuff. And I like [blogger] Captain and the Gypsy Kid.

So what about female celeb style icons?

I reckon [Neighbours star] Pia Miller.

Do you like her for her style, or something else?

All of the above (laughs) and Bec Judd’s pretty stylish. She always wears nice stuff to the Logies, and the Brownlow Medal. Internationally, I like Nicole Richie and Sandra Bullock-type people and Gwyneth Paltrow. I don’t like it when they look like they’ve tried to hard. I like, you know, casual, hippy styles. But still stylish. And cool chicks.

How do you describe your styling process when you’ve been putting my looks together?

Tiring! It’s been alright, but lots of effort! You have to start with a “big dog” [statement piece]. My go-to is always surf culture or military, and if that doesn’t work, I just wing it (haha). I don’t really dress in colour palettes, I couldn’t tell you what a colour palette is, to be honest. I like themes; either a surf look, business look, or something in between. It’s hard to believe, but I have no idea what I’m doing. I’ve been learning along the way!

What has been your favourite look so far?

I like my first one [Boho Safari-chic], that’s mostly on sentimental value I think. Back then, I had the most inspiration; I was the most enthusiastic. It’s now into week four and the morale is a bit low at the moment, the troops are struggling! The first one reminded me of Byron Bay, and that’s why I liked it the most I think. I also like hats.

What are your go-to fashion items

For you? A clutch, a floppy hat and like a bangle or something. Atzec rings would be good, but you don’t really have any. For me jeans, button-up shirt and pluggers or a nice pair of shoes.

What is your favourite wardrobe item at the moment?

My one button-up shirt (laughs) that you bought me from Country Road.

What is on your wardrobe wish list?

A blue tailored suit.

That’s pretty stylish!

Yeah mate, I’m stylish, alright? I know what’s stylish for men, I just can’t wear it all the time. Or can’t be bothered. My big thighs aren’t designed for stylish clothes.

What have you learnt throughout this process?

Apparently you’re not supposed to pattern clash…or, more that pattern clashing can be risky. I guess what I’ve learnt are rules are meant to be broken. Because the times I’ve done it they’ve actually looked alright and I didn’t even know the rules to start with. Sometimes ignorance is a good thing. The other thing is as long as you have matching colours somewhere, usually it looks alright. Like the khaki with the hot pink – apparently that was a brave choice, but it looked good because the pink clutch matched the bra strap. Also, that it’s extremely stressful job to style and to be stylish – it’s a lot easier to wear shorts, pluggers and a singlet!

What do you have to say to aspiring stylists?

Don’t do it! Get out now; run as fast as you can! (Laughs) No, I would say if they genuinely enjoy it, back yourself, go with your instinct, and own your own individuality – it’s what makes you unique. You might come up with things that people never thought of, and that are all your own.





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