This Furniture Item Is The MVP Of Interior Design

Chairs to that!

By Bianca Licina | 11th April 2024

The MVP of interior styling, the seemingly humble yet highly dynamic accent chair quietly lives in forgotten corners and busy living areas providing both style and functionality to every space it occupies.

What’s the one item of furniture that can go in (almost) any room of your home? An accent chair of course! A quintessential piece of furniture, accent chairs hold a unique status within the interior design world. Capable of wearing many different hats, an accent chair is often the perfect solution for any design dilemma. Need to fill an unloved corner? Want extra seating for guests? Room begging for a focal point? Throw in an accent chair and you’re problem is solved. Functional yet beautiful, they are a statement piece that have the power to transform the vibe of any space.


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Brisbane interior designer, Alison Burke, defines the four core elements of an accent chair as function, comfort, aesthetic and size. A perfect harmony of these components is the key to an accent chair thriving in a space, and filling the design void you need. When it comes to style, Alison works with the client to deliver a piece that fulfils their requirements in all areas. “Regarding style, of course my job is to interpret a client’s look that they’re trying to achieve and where it’s going to be located in the home,” Alison says.

Is it a bedroom chair for quick sits to put your shoes on or is it for long lounges in front of the telly? Maybe it’s a corner filler with a more sculptural purpose that doesn’t necessarily need to be comfy. It’s crucial to be clear on the purpose of your accent chair so you can cater the design to your requirements. For a spot to perch on lightly, something aesthetic rather than overly cushioned is likely the best option, however for a reading nook you plan to occupy frequently, comfort and durability is paramount.

Speaking of durability, fabric selection is another area Alison emphasises. “The fabric selection can totally affect the experience and the look,” says Alison. If functionality is an important factor for the client, then a robust (yet luxe) fabric like velvet is the best option. However, if aesthetics are prioritised over durability, a fun pattern-printed linen may be chosen over something more sturdy.

So if you’re scratching your head about how your living room, bedroom or even bathroom (yes, really!) can be elevated, don’t overlook an accent chair to be you’re saving grace – check out our faves below!

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