Venus Dressing: What It Is & How To Do It

Astro style!

By Lauren Payne | 22nd March 2024

Astrology is full of exciting life hacks. It can help you plan the perfect overseas holiday and forecast when your tech may not exactly be the most reliable (hello Mercury retrograde!). It can also help you build a wardrobe that makes you feel the most like yourself and create incredible outfits when you have no idea what to wear.

You may have heard about Venus dressing on TikTok, which involves creating outfits based on the star sign that hosts the planet Venus in your birth chart. If you’re not sure what sign your Venus is placed in, simply generate your birth chart online (or through one of the many astrology apps there are out in the world, I recommend CHANI or Co-Star) and follow the sign guide below to discover what Venus dressing looks like for you.


You’re always on the go so you need a practical look that still makes you feel cool as hell. Chunky sneakers should have a place in your wardrobe, alongside a selection of colourful rugby polos and oversized tees with pops of red, yellow, and orange to compliment your fiery nature. You’ve got places to be and people to see, so when you create looks that help you get from A to B without too much messing about, then you’ll be one happy gal.


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I’m sure when the quiet luxury trend took off, you were one of the first adopters. Your wardrobe should be full of high-quality pieces from your favourite designers in grey, beige, and cream tones that complement your beloved gold accessories. The old money aesthetic no doubt also appeals to you, so make sure you always have a gorgeous trench coat and blazer ready.


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Anyone with a Gemini Venus is no doubt incredibly social, curious, and adventurous, and hasn’t replied to a single text message in days because they’ve been too distracted. When it comes to dressing, I’d suggest investing in a selection of brightly coloured co-ord sets, so you can put together a full outfit that feels just as adventurous as you are. Pair them with some patterned accessories and you’ll always look incredible.


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All a Cancer really needs in life is a wardrobe full of comfortable streetwear. Sweatshirts, a collection of graphic tees, and thick, textured midi skirts will always make you feel more like yourself, so I recommend scouring a few consignment websites for pieces that’ll make you feel ready to take on whatever the day will throw your way. Pair them with a pair of kitten heels for a feminine touch, or your favourite pair of sneakers, and you’ve got an outfit that exudes effortless cool.


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Anyone with a Leo Venus will always be on-trend and know what the new core aesthetics are. They also love to stand out, so to dress like a Leo Venus, you’ll need a wardrobe full of timeless pieces in bold colours to create eye-catching looks that are always on-trend. Anything pink or yellow will always work for you, and you’d be surprised about how well these colours pair with both neutral basics and luxury accessories.


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One thing you’ll always need in your wardrobe no matter what, is a selection of elevated activewear. Opt for earthy tones like olive green, rusty browns, and beiges, that’ll pair well with your favourite pair of running shoes. When you’re not attending your new favourite run club, preppy looks will make you feel put together while you’re ticking off that massive to-do list of yours (it’ll also pair well with your activewear if you’re going straight from the office to the gym!).


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The sign of Libra is ruled by Venus, so it makes sense for anyone with a Libra Venus to lean into their feminine side a lot more. Bright hues, lighter washes of denim, and silk pieces all enhance a Libra’s soft nature, whilst also emphasising their playful side. The coquette and ballet core trends also really work for a Libra Venus, so if you’ve been wanting to try the trend for yourself, I’d highly recommend it!


I’ve got one word for you: black. The colour black is your best friend. No matter what kind of aesthetic you have, I guarantee you’ll be able to fill your entire wardrobe with black pieces that make you feel both strong and sexy. If you want to add some colour to your wardrobe, cherry red and maroon are always good choices, as is denim blue. I’d also recommend shopping in the men’s section every so often because masculine tailoring works for you.


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You love learning new things and exploring new cultures, so a capsule wardrobe that incorporates tan, creamy, and peach shades with classic whites would work best for you. Why? Because you need to pack light when you’re flying from country to country! Some cargo pants and a great gilet would also work wonders in your wardrobe, not just because they look amazing, but also because they have so many pockets for you to utilise on your travels.


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If the grandpa core trend has caught your eye recently, then I’m going to bet you have a Capricorn Venus. A wardrobe full of classic loafers, cosy vintage jumpers, tailored trousers, and a rugby polo or two will make your heart sing. You’ve learned a lot in your many years of life and just like your sign’s planetary ruler Saturn, you want things to stand the test of time. So, opt for high-quality pieces that’ll last you years and will also pair well with any trend that inevitably cycles back around.


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We could never limit the wardrobe of an Aquarius Venus. Most styles and aesthetics look good on you, but because you’re always on the move helping improve the lives of others, you need a wardrobe that’s fluid and easily adaptable to all situations. The best solution is going for classic pieces that can be dressed up with unexpected accessories and unique layering. Think silver pants with a sporty top and a thick low-slung belt over a hooded dress. Anything goes when it comes to an Aquarius Venus!


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You’re a complete romantic and your wardrobe should reflect that. Try filling it with ethereal pieces like silky slip dresses, and pairing them with soft cosy cardigans, to create outfits that make you look like you’ve stepped right out of a fairy tale. Silver ballet flats are a great statement piece that’ll bring a sense of whimsy to any outfit, and I’d also recommend investing in soft blue, pink, and aquamarine pieces to add more softness to your ’fits.


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By Lauren Payne When she’s not chewing your ear off about the full moon, Lauren can be found making playlists and sipping her third coffee of the day.



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