Tie-Dye Is Making Its Comeback And It’s Looking Bright!

The hottest new fashion trend is to dye for.

By Guest Styler | 18th June 2019

Quick! You’ve got a 70s themed party this weekend and you don’t have an outfit. You think hard but you threw out your flare jeans before they became cool again. Then, you remember your childhood and a common outdoor activity that guaranteed results in mere hours. You grab a white shirt, tie it up with rubber bands and douse it with ink. Rinse it out, wait for it to dry and you’ve got yourself the perfect ensemble.


Whether it was a genuine outfit choice in the 70s, a Lizzie McGuire throwback or a Flower Power party costume, your favourite craft activity is making its loud and proud comeback in a major and very fashionable way.


Tie-dye has undergone a transformation and is now strutting its stuff down Prada and Stella McCartney catwalks, as well as making its debut at numerous red-carpet events. The likes of Justin Bieber, Beyoncé, Jonah Hill, Gigi Hadid and home-grown Miranda Kerr are taking their statement pieces to psychedelic levels.

No longer worn in the same way as its beginning, tie-dyed street style is championing a variety of colourful and tonal hues that can go with any outfit. Contemporary styles are crisper and fresher in a variety of different styles and fabrics (including denim!).

You might be thinking: No way am I trying that again! But with tie-dye now available in almost any garment you could imagine, we guarantee you’ll find something that suits you.

If you’re still unsure (and a little scared of colour) we recommend starting out with pastel colours and little pieces partnered with more simple accompaniments. If you’re waiting for a cold day, partnering your warm coat and winter makeup with rich, dark colours is a tie-dye dream. And finally, if you’re ready to go straight to a bold acid look, we recommend anything rainbow. Add some white denim and platform sandals for the ultimate Lizzie McGuire vibe.

Feature image: Style DuMonde

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