Live La Dolce Vita With Our Italian Summer Fashion Guide

Mamma mia!

By Yana Van Der Byl | 22nd May 2024

Are you one of the lucky ones planning an Italian summer getaway? If you’re contemplating your packing list, you’ve come to the right place – this is your ultimate source for wardrobe inspiration.

Packing your suitcase may seem like gearing up for a fashion marathon, but let’s face it, what’s a Euro summer without a wardrobe that matches the extravagance of your itinerary?

As you jet off on your journey through Italy’s charming cobblestone streets, the perfect balance between comfort and style becomes essential. Navigating through crowds and looking cute with modesty dress codes might seem daunting but we are here to guide you with outfit ideas that will have you looking flawless, feeling at ease, and savouring every moment of your Italian escapade. 

Sunset Sips

As the sun dips below the Italian horizon, it’s time to elevate your style for an aperitivo. Ladies, you can never go past white linen elevated by statement jewellery – a look that exudes effortless elegance. Whether by the coast of Amalfi or amidst the canals of Venice, let your outfit mirror the romance of the Italian sunset, creating unforgettable moments to sip in style.

Reservation For Two

In Italy, dining is an art – delicious cuisine with a touch of romance. From laid-back pizzerias to upscale ristorantes, your attire should mirror the charm of the experience. For dining out, you can never go wrong with a silk midi dress or co-ord set with delicate jewellery and low heels or strappy sandals, adding a classic slick-back bun for those warm evenings. 

Beach Club Hopping

Nothing can compare to the immaculate vibes of a European beach club. They are truly the epitome of la dolce vita. With sun-kissed cheeks, a sheer dress, a statement bikini and dazzling earrings resembles the essence of Euro summer style. It’s a fusion of elegance and comfort that captures the essence of seaside chic, ensuring that every moment spent soaking in the best Italy has to offer is nothing short of pure bliss.

Wine Tasting 

In vino verita (in wine there is truth) and it’s true that you’ll look drop-dead gorgeous in the outfit we have picked for you. In the presence of Italy’s finest reds and a spread of exquisite charcuterie and cheeses, elegance meets indulgence in the perfect harmony of flavours. Picture yourself in a classic summer dress, effortlessly chic as you savour each nuanced sip, your attire a reflection of the refined palate within. With summer and laughter in the air, you will feel like you are in a scene of a movie.

Roaming The Streets

For the days when you are roaming the streets like a local and dreaming like a traveller, comfort is key. Slip into your favourite pair of sneakers (or ballet flats), a breezy tank top, and tailored shorts cinched with a belt, topped off with a cute hat and glasses for added flair. Embrace your inner tourist in the chicest of ways, allowing your outfit to effortlessly blend practicality with style as you explore the hidden gems and iconic sights of Italy’s historic cities.

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