The Ultimate Guide To Lazy Girl Makeup

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By Montana Hayes | 5th March 2024

Lazy girl makeup, dubbed as 2024’s no-makeup-makeup look, is all the rage atm. But if you’re anything like me and identify as a lazy girl yourself, then you’ve been sporting this style on the daily for years and it’s about time everyone else comes around. Let’s be real, who has time for a full beat every day? 

Embraced and adorned by some of the most coveted beauty brands globally (yes, we’re talking about you Charlotte Tilbury), the era of effortless makeup is unmistakably thriving. From the TikTok-crazed Flawless Filter, to the cult favourite Glossier Cloud Paint, it’s safe to say that the era of the clean-girl makeup routine is far from over folks.

Whether you’re guilty of hitting that snooze button one too many times or you prefer the clean-girl aesthetic, we’ve got you covered. Get your beauty sleep girl because here’s your ultimate lazy girl’s guide to embracing that au-natural look.

Let’s start with the base.

The ultimate lazy girl is all about working smarter, not harder so picking one base product is your best bet to keeping your routine easy-breezy. Think Tinted SPF, BB Cream and Skin Tints, and when they’re packed with skincare goodies like hyaluronic acid or zinc, it’s a win-win (Lust Minerals, you just get it).

Now, it’s time to add some colour!

ICYMI, Tiktok’s current fixation is all about using blush for your lips (and vice versa). Whilst I’m not fully convinced, it is undoubtedly a timesaver and a space saver for your makeup bags. We’re all about saving that sleep schedule, so ladies, meet your newest makeup hack.


Next step, eyes! 

Finding the right mascara is a mission in itself and I think it’s safe to say no one wants that chunky, clumpy mess – right? Well, we’ve got some good news – extensions are out and natural lashes (enhanced by only the best mascaras, see below), are IN! 

Lucky last, the brows are up!

Who has time to fill in their brows each morning? For lazy gals like me, brow gel is a must-have essential and one hell of a game-changer for every girl’s beauty routine. Ensuring your brows look fluffy, voluminous and ready to hit the town, it’s a brow lamination in a tube!

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By Montana Hayes Wine lover, bad date survivor, and full-time cat mum, Montana’s life is all about the plot.



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