Arch Up! Here Are Brisbane’s Best Brow Treatments

Arch Up! Here Are Brisbane’s Best Brow Treatments

Highbrow services ahead

By Dinushka Gunasekara | 17th June 2021

Back in the day, the only brow tool you needed in your arsenal was a pair of razor-sharp tweezers to pluck, pluck, pluck, ‘til NSYNC notices you in the front row, but (luckily) we’ve come a long way since then.

Nowadays the road to getting on fleek is filled with laminated brows, sculpting in high definition, and microblading as light as a feather’s touch. In other words, it’s not a DIY job, so check out our pick of Brisbane’s best brows and brow bars to arch up your brow game!

Finish Beauty | Paddington

With expert insight into timeless brows that you won't regret in years to come, there are no bad brow stories here. The friendly team are all about working with your natural hair growth to give you the best brows with easy maintenance. From brow shaping with tint, dye, or henna, as well as fluffy laminated brows, the choice is yours! Finish Beauty offers styling and care advice to ensure you’re loving your look in-between appointments, and you’re encouraged to request any adjustments – they're the experts but it’s your face after all. While your arches are meticulously crafted to perfection, you’ll be indulging in a self-care break finished with a gentle brow massage in a lush boutique environment, using only the best products to leave you in total bliss!

Glowtique | Hamilton

Treat your face to an immediate, flattering lift while cutting your makeup routine time with the expert technicians at this boutique studio. Offering semi-permanent, designer brow transformations that can rescue even the patchiest of arches, they’ll visually balance your facial features to create a more expressive and confident you! These aesthetic specialists will factor in your expectations, facial structure, skin tone, and age, and only use high-end inks to create a tailored solution that flatters your overall appearance. With a range of complementing services also available and customised tea and treats on hand, you’ll enjoy a pamper alongside your cosmetic tattooing. Their principal aesthetic specialist, Nina, is also a makeup artist for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival, so you’re truly in renowned hands!


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Hawthorne Beauty Room | Hawthorne

Whether you want the most natural-looking brow or a striking brow with long-lasting depth and definition, your face isn’t just their canvas – they’ll listen to you to make sure the brows they create are exactly the style you prefer. With a range of options including brow sculpting, shaping, and tinting using a variety of over ten shades, you’ll always end up with an arch in your desired shape, colour, and finish, complementary to your face. Using the most effective and gentle wax, and tweezing that most actually find relaxing, before you leave the Hawthorne Beauty Room, you’ll be treated to a dreamy brow massage and Jane Iredale mineral makeup, removing any redness and protecting you from the sun!

Miss Luxe | New Farm

Breathtaking brows are only a treatment away at this beautiful and intimate studio. With a customised approach to shape, colour, and styling, their Bespoke Brow service includes a brow exfoliation, customised wax and tweeze to suit your skin, and finished with a brow tint or dye. They’re all about embracing your natural beauty, with founder Fairlie Exintaris specialising in feather touch brows that are well balanced and expertly crafted. They’re also environmentally conscious, as a proud partner of Sustainable Salons Australia, meaning all their waste is recycled, repurposed, or completely biodegradable. For a total transformation, combine Bespoke Brows with a lash lift that includes a strengthening and hydrating treatment, and you won’t ever want to look away from the mirror!


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Niki P Brows | Gumdale

Always striking the perfect balance, this brow specialist knows the most beautiful brows are a collaboration between your desired look and her knowledge and skill. Using the digital machine to maintain the integrity of your skin, treat your brows to cosmetic tattooing in either the ombre, combination, or nano stroke style, brow sculpting, tinting, and lamination. Even the dudes can experience the brow love! Your pigment colour will be tailored to you, and your brows will be carefully mapped out no matter how long it takes, to ensure you’re receiving your dream look. Niki takes pride in continuously educating herself so you can rest assured knowing you’re in the hands of the best artist with the best service possible!

Preah Love Cosmetic Tattoo | Bulimba

You know those gorgeously natural and oh-so-fluffy brows that had your jaw dropping on Oxford Street? We bet they were handcrafted by the brilliant team at Preah Love Cosmetic Tattoo. With a featherlight touch that will have you questioning whether you’ve just been cosmetic tattooed or are beautifully born this way, their combination brows and brow lamination are all about restoring confidence and giving you a healthy dose of self-love. No two faces are the same, and every artist here is focused on enhancing your natural beauty with a shape tailored to you. Be warned: an appointment here is hot property, so book soon and in the meantime, take a scroll through the stunning before and afters all over their ‘gram!

Simply Laser | Brisbane City

For beautifully groomed brows by world-class experts, look no further than this CBD clinic. Even the sparsest of arches will take full form under their skilful hands, with their range of stellar services offering lush brows with the easiest maintenance. Keep it simple with a sculpt, wax and tint, or take it up a notch with red carpet-approved brows through their unique seven-step High Definition Brows or the new Quintessential Brows treatment. If you’re still wearing the repercussions of overplucking, their Regrowth Programme has your name all over it! Kick back in the recliner chairs or heated beds as the team treat you to precision and perfection, before sending you home with the best advice to ensure the brow-love lasts.


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Skin Management Club | Eatons Hill

The brows you’ve always envisioned for yourself will come to fruition guided by the skilful touch of the highly trained therapists at Skin Management Club. With a variety of brow services to suit everyone, including brow shaping, tinting, lamination, microblading feather brow, ombre, and combination cosmetic tattooing, you’ll be warmly welcomed in with a tea before being pampered with a bespoke treatment that lasts. Their three-step custom brow mapping technique will create the best suited brow for your face, and their high quality and gentle wax ensures accuracy while minimising skin irritation. Finishing up with a mineral concealer and brow soap, you’ll always leave feeling ten times more confident!

The Brow and Skin Studio | Ashgrove

For beautifully timeless brows no matter your age, head to the pamper pros who know one size doesn’t fit all. You won’t find a cookie cutter approach at The Brow and Skin Studio – instead Sherril and her beautiful team will create a brow that compliments your individual features and accentuates but never dominates your face. A thorough consultation will ensure your expectations are understood, and The Brow and Skin Studio experts will take the time to achieve the outcome of your dreams. With the classic brow coming back into style, The Brow and Skin Studio will tailor a look that will help you celebrate and embrace the real you!

The Brow Cosmetic Tattoo | Mount Gravatt

Affordably priced with an extraordinary service, no matter what quality brow treatment you choose, you’ll be treated to a bespoke design that complements you at The Brow Cosmetic Tattoo. Offering microblading, powder, and combination brows amongst a stellar cosmetic line-up, they listen to your wants and meet your requirements while tailoring a look that enhances your natural features. You’ll never be rocking the rugged, in-between appointment look, with regular touch-up notices sent right on time and a low touch-up price to maintain your beautiful cosmetic tattoo. If you’re after full glam without the maintenance, their eyeliner and lip tattooing are always on point. They even offer Afterpay so you have all the more reason to indulge in a pamper to perfection!

Beauty on Latrobe | Paddington

Whether you’re looking for a tidy up or a full brow makeover, the variety of luxe brow services at Beauty on Latrobe will be sure to work a treat! Their trained brow technicians will take the time to get to know you, your brow routine, and your beauty goals, before mapping out your perfect shape and alignment, and bringing it to life. The result? Lifting the overall look of your face, opening your eye area, and even wiping years off in as little as 20 minutes. They even offer brow rehab if you’re still haunted by the overplucking you did in ’04! Plus, while you’re in the world-leading luxury skincare clinic, turn up the pamper with their range of indulgent beauty therapy treatments. Our pick? The HydraFacial!

Bobbie Charles | Lutwyche and West Village

From brow sculpting, lamination, and naturally enhanced tattooing, the Bobbie Charles team are masters of their trade, and can turn even the unruliest caterpillars into works of art. Step into their sleek clinic and feel completely at ease knowing you are in the hands of experts with a high attention to detail. This experience is more than just a brow appointment – it’s a time for you to unwind and go inwards. Your brow expert will conduct a thorough consultation, then map out your new brows, creating a completely personalised shape, so you can preview your new brow design. Once sculpted, customised colouring is applied before soothing cream and brow gel to secure your new brow shape. Southsiders, keep an eye out for their second clinic, set to open in West Village later this year!

Brooklyn Beauty Bar | Fortitude Valley

As one of the very few salons out there who have mastered the art of combining threading and sculpting, you’ll really be treated to the superior brow experience at Brooklyn Beauty Bar. By working with what you naturally have, they’ll choose a shape that not only complements your face, but also your eye shape. They know all the tricks of the trade to realistically achieve your dream look, including how to get a fuller look by growing one row below and above at a time. Whether you opt for their sculpting service with either threading or waxing, tinting or lightening, you’ll love every second of kicking back in their luxuriously beautiful space with a tipple in hand!

By Roxy | Windsor

Sitting pretty in the beautiful Colwill Place, By Roxy is the home of dreamy, brushed up brows. With a high calibre clientele who followed her from James Street, your brow goals will come to life under the skilful hand of Roxy and her brilliant team. From fluffy microblading to perfectly hued tints, and striking lamination that never makes you feel like you’re rocking echidna brows, their gorgeous Instagram portfolio speaks for itself. Heads up: we’re not the only ones who are in love with the brows by Roxy, so make sure you book in advance to secure a highly sought-after spot!


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Browskii | Newstead

Perfect arches are the name of the game at Browskii, where they thrive on turning your brow dreams into a reality. Whether you’re after a set of fluffed-up brows or prefer a more permanent shape, this talented team of artists deliver results. At Browskii, they know that each person is unique – that’s why their bespoke brow styles are carefully crafted to complement your features. Steering clear of trends is what this team does best! For these experts, brows are an addiction and a passion, and it’s their firm belief that well-groomed, proportioned eyebrows will frame your face, enhance your features, and boost your confidence. Whether you’re in for a wax, tint, lamination, or tattoo, you’ll walk out feeling better than ever! But don’t take our word for it – book in and discover the results for yourself!

Complete Skin and Beauty | Multiple locations

For brows on fleek, no one does it better than Complete Skin and Beauty. Offering a wide range of eyebrow services including sculpting, tint, henna, lamination, and tattooing, as well as feather touch brows and ombre brows, your perfect brow shape is just an appointment away! With a strong belief that definition and shape can create the illusion of a full brow, your best set of arches awaits you here. All treatments start with a consultation, and finish with post-treatment advice, plus a glass of ingestible beauty from either Bestow Beauty or The Beauty Chef – the royal treatment! Every team member is invested in continually improving their skills and knowledge with up-to-date training, and not only have extensive practice, but a passion for creating truly eye-catching brows.

Elysian Cartel | Graceville

At the forefront of beauty trends is this renowned salon, where statement brows are their everyday. Owner and master stylist of Elysian Cartel, Mariana, was trained by the Kardashian’s actual brow stylist, meaning the brows here are literally silver screen approved. Now, the salon is sporting a tribe of vibrant and talented brow experts that can cover all your brow lamination, sculpting, and maintenance needs. In fact, they’re so popular they’ve had to open a second location – keep an eye out for the Greenslopes salon coming soon!


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