Weeknight Date Nights For Less Than $50

Saving for a house deposit doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice date night with these cheap eats.

By Guest Styler | 20th July 2017

So, there’s a pineapple burning a hole in your wallet and your S.O. is getting peckish. It’s 7pm on a Tuesday night and you really don’t feel like cooking. Sure, you could order Uber Eats, but where’s the romance in that?

If you’d love nothing more than to pull a Tom Haverford and treat yo’self to a spontaneous date night, but you’d rather not blow the weekend’s budget on a midweek dinner, then we have the list for you!

From Monday through to Friday, here’s a rundown of our pick of the litter when it comes to cheap date nights that are all (at least) 800 times classier than Maccas. Whether it’s your first, third or 73rd date, we’ve got you covered every weeknight for only $50.


Now we know you’ve heard of Taco Tuesday, but we’re firm believers in tacos being way too good to only enjoy one day a week. Luckily, Mucho Mexicano at Milton is here to save you with the best damn Taco Monday in town. At $25 a person, Mucho Mexicano offers all you can eat tacos. Prepare to gorge yourself silly, with six tacos on the menu, from prawn and chorizo to sticky Wagyu beef.

Screw ordering a petite salad on a date; all you can eat tacos are a bonding experience. When you’ve conquered your last taco, we recommend driving the extra 10 minutes to Mt Coot-tha lookout. Notoriously one of the best date-night spots in Brisbane, Mt Coot-tha boasts the greatest views in Brisbane. Bring a picnic rug and spend an hour or so together under the stars.

Now, I must mention that there is gelato available from Kuta Café right next to the Mt Coot-tha lookout which makes for the perfect sweet treat after most dinner dates. However, if you have room for gelato, you did all-you-can-eat tacos wrong. Save the gelato for another day, kids. Just bring a picnic rug and spend an hour or so together under the stars.


Tuesday nights are our favourite date night. The food is cheap, the streets aren’t crowded, and there’s guaranteed to be no surcharge on your Uber. Hit up Heya Bar on Brunswick St and eat your way through their pan-Asian bar menu.

With the entire menu half-price on Tuesday nights, it’s guaranteed to fill you up with enough change from $50 to grab a drink each. Of course, if you don’t mind a little weekday booze-up, their cocktail menu is to die for. We aren’t going to include your liquid indulgences in the price of this date, as drinking is not compulsory (and is entirely for you and your booze budget to reconcile).

Considering you’ve already made the trip into the Valley, make your night worthwhile and hit up The Press Club for free live R&B music from the greatest up-and-coming local talent. Cosy up in one of their dimly lit corners and make the most of your Tuesday night. Netflix be damned, this is a midweek date night that’s worth a late-night binge.

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Make your midweek something to celebrate. Catch the ferry into South Bank and enjoy a little old-school romance with a walk along the river at dusk. If you’re at South Bank early enough, a trip to GOMA is definitely worth it. GOMA is the MVP of Brisbane’s Cultural Centre and always has a stellar exhibit that’s worth checking out.

After you’ve gotten your arty fix, fill up with tapas from Olé. With super-romantic outside tables adorning the pavement on Little Stanley St, Olé is perfect whether you’ve been dating for two weeks or two years. For just $49, these guys will bring you all you need for a perfect date-night feast as part of their ‘Sunset Tapas’ special, which is on offer between 5pm-7pm from Sunday to Thursday. With four plates of to-die-for tapas and two glasses of either wine, sangria or beer, you can’t go wrong.


When Thursday rolls around, it’s time for weekend preparations to begin. You may be clenching your wallet in preparation for a weekend of frivolous spending, but that doesn’t mean your Thursday night has to be drab. Elixir Rooftop Bar is here to save the day. Thursday night is Ribs and Red night at the Ann St rooftop hangout. For $20 each, Elixir will treat you and your love to a plate of delectable beef ribs and a glass of Oyster Bay Pinot Noir.

Jump across the road to Cloudland and prepare for the best damn boogie of your life. With live Latin-esque covers of your favourite pop tunes, get ready to salsa the night away. We’ve definitely lost track of time here before, so don’t be surprised if one minute you’re dancing to Despacito and next minute it’s 1am.

We won’t take responsibility for your lack of sleep, but we’ll definitely take credit for the giggles that ensue when you jump on the salsa train (no prior dance knowledge required). Ribs, wine and dancing is a recipe for happiness if ever we’ve heard one. One thing’s for sure, this date will help you Thursday like it’s Friday.

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For the most Friday-worthy date night, you really can’t go past indulging in a glass (or three) of wine. As most of us well know, a bottle of vino can cost up to $50 at a restaurant. The solution for budget-savvy diners? BYO, of course. West End is home to some of the best BYO restaurants in town, but we can’t go past Trang.

This Vietnamese restaurant is a Brisbane institution and it’s packed to the rafters every Friday night. The busy atmosphere is reminiscent of South-East Asia and is the perfect restaurant to make you feel miles away from Brisbane. Plus, there’s nothing quite like a big-ass bowl of pho to cure those winter evening chills. Setting you back only $11.95 for a giant bowl of soupy goodness, pho is a penny-conscious couple’s saviour.

To add to the appeal, Trang is a mere two doors down from TB’s Wine + Beer. Pick up a bottle of good quality vino for $15 from there before heading to dinner and you’ll have your BYO sorted without a drama. Post dinner and half a bottle of wine into the evening will already put you in a good mood. Grab a quick Uber to Brisbane Powerhouse for their free Friday comedy. It’s a sure-fire way to belly-laugh through a 10/10 date.

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