The Most Colourful Destinations

Over the rainbow

By Sierra Haigh | 16th January 2020

We surely don’t need to tell you the whimsical and wonderful benefits of travelling and sometimes, the bucket list can get overwhelming. So, we’ve rounded-up some of the dreamiest destinations themed via colour! Travel the rainbow and explore the world.


The Danxia Geological Park in China is eye-candy for anyone who loves the natural vibrancy of the outdoors, and let’s be real, who doesn’t? The natural rock formations feature deep rusty tones, and the setting sun enhances the effect. The rock formations have a 50-kilometre reach; the rusty red rocks seem to go on forever! If you ever go for a visit, it’s just a 30-minute drive from the nearest city, Zhangye. Check your fortune cookies, maybe it’s time for a trip to China!



The yellow city of Izamal is Mexico’s hidden gem, and was even recognised by Mexico’s tourism board as being a site of historical significance, beauty, and culture. It’s impossible to stroll through its cheery, yellow-painted streets without at least a shred of joy. It’s the picture-perfect town to update your Instagram feed with, or even snap a selfie against one of the walls for a cute new DP. Careful though, this place is sure to give you the travel bug!



Japan is home to the stunningly bright Hitsujiyama Park, filled to the brim with thousands upon thousands of flowers in just as many shades of pink. Carefully planted to create distinct images, the park boastsmany heart-shaped flowerbeds to help you feel the love. Visit during mid-April to attend a festival held in the gardens, and enjoy an afternoon of fresh air with a hint of fragrant florals. It’s definitely giving us heart eyes!



Rwanda’s very own Nyungwe National Park is teeming with exotic plants, mammals, and birds, but what makes it so stunningly picturesque is its consistently green nature. Hike along any of the 15 trails to fully immerse you within the stunning biodiversity of the forest, and keep your camera ready for when you spot any of its native monkeys within the trees or a Congo otter in the streams. The national park is every nature lover’s dream, and can keep even the fastest explorer busy for over a week. 



Everybody knows of the Sahara Desert in the northern region of Africa, but how often do we take the time to appreciate its sheer size and beauty? It’s stretched across 10 countries and covers a third of Africa. Its iconic orange sands are stunning, and its dunes and dips are only magnified by the gorgeous African sunrises. It’s the perfect travel destination for the bold, the brave, and the brazen.



It wouldn’t be a true list of colourful travel destinations without including Australia at least once. Bridestowe Lavender Farm in Tasmania is home to the world’s largest private lavender farm. With its own gift shop and tours, this farm is one of many bright and beautiful locations around Australia, but stands out due to its seemingly endless rows of the purple, fragrant flower. Best of all, lavender is known to reduce stress, so what better way to wind down than go directly to the source?



Originally painted white as snow, Juzcar has since become the same blue as a Smurf, It wasn’t a styling decision though, it was actually to promote the 2011 Smurfs film! Since then, it’s become a hotspot for tourists and Smurf fans alike, as the town of Juzcar is the first and only official Smurf village in the world. The sleepy Spanish town is the starting point to many hiking trails, in spirit of the adventurous Smurfs it represents.





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