A World-First Yayoi Kusama Exhibition Is Coming To Australia

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By Yana Van Der Byl | 24th April 2024

Art aficionados, the countdown has begun! Brace yourselves as we witness the global unveiling of Yayoi Kusama’s latest masterpiece, set to debut exclusively at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) from 15 December 2024 to 21 April 2025.

The epicentre of arts and culture in Australia, Kusama, renowned for her polka dots and pumpkins, will grace our shores with an exhibition unlike any other. While her last showcase in Brisbane’s GOMA left audiences in awe back in 2018, this time, Kusama brings something truly extraordinary— the unveiling of her immersive infinity mirror room right here in the art capital of Australia.

For those unacquainted with the legend that is Yayoi Kusama, allow me to illuminate her brilliance. Born in Japan in 1929, the 95-year-old goes beyond the confines of traditional artistry, forging a path that defies categorisation. Her use of pattern, colour, and symbolism has reserved her international acclaim, with her infinity installations and signature polka dots becoming emblematic of her unparalleled creativity.

With over 180 works on display, including never-before-seen pieces and iconic installations, visitors will be treated to a visual feast where reflections stretch into eternity, boundaries blur, and where reality melds with illusion. 

From the moment you step into the NGV, prepare to be enveloped in Kusama’s universe. The ground floor will pulsate with her vibrant creations, while the surrounding Melbourne Arts Precinct will come alive with polka dots.

Australia, don’t miss out on the mesmerising artistry of Yayoi Kusama – save the date! For more info, head here

Imagery: National Gallery of Victoria





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