This New Immersive Exhibition Is Designed To Boost Your Happiness

Don't worry, be happy

By Baylee Ganter | 29th May 2024

Brisbane City has a new attraction and it’s guaranteed to double your dopamine levels. Welcome to Dopamine Land, where your wildest dreams come to life!

Straight from the streets of London, Dopamine Land welcomes guests of every age to journey through an immersive museum experience. You’re invited to explore a captivating world designed to trigger the “happiness hormone” – dopamine. With ten themed rooms ranging from optical illusions to captivating soundscapes, prepare for a sensory adventure like no other, where every sensation converges into a symphony of delight.

From the creative minds at Fever, this global live entertainment platform has been producing mesmerising experiences since 2014 and, as of today, Queen Street Mall is now home to their newest pop-up.

In this fully immersive experience, the only limit is your imagination. Think museum meets interactive technology, coming together to create a multi-sensory adventure for all ages. Daytime tickets are targeted at children and families, though night-time bookings are recommended for adults looking for a hint of nostalgia. With a total of six different themes across the ten rooms, they each promise their own unique bit of fun, but we definitely have our favourites.

The Pool of Joy room is guaranteed to make you feel like a kid again, as floating around in the huge ball pit releases all the stresses of everyday life. The Infinite Karma room embodies the definition of limitless, with a mix of lights and mirrors creating a never-ending illusion. Feeling particularly pent-up? Let the Pillow Fight room be your solution. Yep, it is exactly what it sounds like – this colourful cushioned space is designed to help you settle things the old-fashioned way.

Plus, every themed room offers perfect photo opportunities to capture unique content, assured to make you the envy of your followers. 

Tickets for this wonderland are on sale now, so book yours soon to ensure you don’t miss out on this magical experience!


Dopamine Land


Uptown, Brisbane CBD


Running from 29 May for a limited time





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