5 Of Brisbane’s Best Date Night Restaurants You Need To Hit Up

Because first dates are hard enough as it is.

By Guest Styler | 23rd January 2018

We LOVE ramen, but there is a time and a place. And a first date is not it – no one wants to make small talk with noodles all over their face. The type of food you choose to eat on a first date could make or break your could-be-relationship. Not to put too much pressure on you but, as the saying goes, you only have about three seconds to make a good impression and if you spend the first one or two with spinach in your teeth chances are the impression won’t be a good one.

So, with this in mind, we have hunted down the best eateries in Brisbane for a first date. From tinder dates to blind dates, if you are looking for love this summer try out these top five spots with ideal first date food.

Sono Japanese | Hamilton

Unless you are a ninja with chopsticks it is probably best to stay away from anything requiring a high level of proficiency, meaning fiddly rice and noodle dishes are out. Food such as sushi and dumplings are a great option as the dexterity needed for the small morsels of goodness is limited. Also, they are delicious, so it’s a win-win. Sono Japanese in Hamilton offers river views and a romantic atmosphere, the perfect backdrop for your first date.

Julius Pizzeria | South Brisbane

Wood fired pizza, risotto and sumptuous Italian deserts all make great date food, and at Julius Pizzeria you and your date will be spoiled for choice (just steer clear of the spaghetti!). If you choose to end the evening with a nightcap, their drinks list more than delivers. Hot tip: they don’t take bookings so you may have to wait a bit.

Mr Edward’s Ale House & Kitchen | CBD

With the exception of dating a person who is lactose intolerant, you really can’t go wrong with a big cheese platter and a few glasses of vino. Mr Edward’s is the perfect option for all your cheese needs, thanks to their dedicated cheese and charcuterie menu.


Brisbane Brewing Co. | West End

Pubs are a pretty safe bet. No one ever went wrong with a good ol’ parmy! That being said, avoid anything that you eat with your fingers… There would be nothing more awkward than going in for a smooch at the end of the night and spearing rib sauce all over the unwitting receivers face.


The Lab | CBD

There is a certain Je ne sais quoi about fancy food. The Lab at the Treasury Hotel has great views over Ryan’s Park and a refined menu of contemporary Australian food to choose from. You. Are. Welcome.

Feature image: Mr Edward’s Ale House & Kitchen

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