How To Choose The Right Wellness Retreat Based On Your Needs

Re-treat yourself!

By Sarah Kennedy | 1st March 2024

In the age of social media and endless notifications, it can be too easy to experience burnout. From group chat messages going off 24/7 to checking your work emails on the weekend, the urge to stay connected can often take priority over our health and wellbeing. That’s why now more than ever, many Australians are trading their phones for wellness retreats.

Whether you’re seeking a much-needed digital detox, a rejuvenating health retreat, or simply an opportunity to reconnect with yourself, we’ve curated a selection of luxe wellness retreats that are tailored to your needs. So go on, log off and check into one of these retreats for some much-needed R&R.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery

Soma | Byron Bay

So you’ve decided you want to reconnect with yourself but you also appreciate the finer things in life. As far as wellness retreats go, Soma is the sanctuary you’ve been looking for. Sprawling across 22 acres of Byron Bay hinterland, you may recognise this iconic backdrop from the TV series ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’. This carefully considered haven has everything you need to enhance your personal growth journey with a bespoke combination of coaching, meditation and state-of-the-art facilities – all that’s missing is you! Expect a mind and body reset as you’re guided by visionary leaders through a 3 day program, that will leave you with a new sense of direction and purpose. Sign us up!


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So you want a break from your phone…

Eden Health Retreat | Gold Coast Hinterland

If your phone is starting to feel like a toxic ex-boyfriend who won’t leave you alone, it might be time to check into Eden Health Retreat. This five-star establishment, tucked away in the Gold Coast hinterland encourages guests to design their own experience based on their unique goals. So if you’re looking to escape the virtual world, your day may consist of guided yoga, pottery, sound bowl healing and a digital detox talk. Their restorative approach paired with wholesome meals and stunning landscape, allows guests to leave feeling refreshed and with a renewed sense of freedom. Say goodbye to screentime and hello to a more purposeful you.

Searching for a healthier version of you?

Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat | Tallebudgera Valley

In our fast-paced modern world, prioritising our mind and body health often takes a backseat. We find ourselves reaching for our phones as the first and last thing of a day, resorting to breakfast on the go, or even skipping it altogether. If this sounds like you, search ‘Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat’ in your maps. Nestled in the rolling green hills of Tallebudgera Valley, this award-winning eco-retreat allows you to embark on a journey of self-discovery to a healthier, more balanced version of you. Think of it as reprogramming everything your body knows. You will have to give up caffeine and alcohol for the duration of your time there, but we promise by the end of it, you’ll be less stressed and able to sleep better. With packages ranging from two to seven days in duration and facilities including an infinity pool, yoga studio and spa sanctuary (to name a few), you can tailor your experience based on your health goals.

Craving an escape from reality?

Elysia Retreat | Hunter Valley

Is your calendar full of constant activity and little downtime? Are you balancing multiple commitments and responsibilities? If this makes you as stressed as we feel, Elysia Retreat might be the answer to escaping reality and hitting pause. Relax and unwind with a holistic approach to wellbeing as you breathe in the fresh country air while a team of experts guide you through movement activities, seminars, and enriching workshops. By the end of your journey, you’ll be returning to your everyday routine with a renewed sense of vitality and outlook!

By Sarah Kennedy A brekky enthusiast and TikTok queen, when Sarah’s not reminiscing about her Italian summer, you’ll find her with an Aperol Spritz in hand.



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