Unfiltered: First Ep With Deena Lynch

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By Guest Styler | 7th May 2020

You may have seen our series ‘Unfiltered’ featured online and in our mag but now we’ve taken it to the next level.

Introducing our onscreen series: UNFILTERED.

We’ve taken the written word into the video world and started a series interviewing famous faces, faces you’re yet to meet and places you’re yet to see. We’ll be talking the raw and the real on people, places and taboo topics that are usually untouched in the mainstream.

Welcome to our debut episode where we Zoomed with Deena Lynch and spoke everything mental health, suffering from COVID-19 and how she defines and separates her creative personas: Dusky, Spectator and Jaguar.

Got a topic you want to talk about or want to join us for an episode? Email Courtney@stylemagazines.com.au and georgina@stylemagazines.com.au

Check out the Q&A feature with Deena Lynch as well!

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