We Chat To 3 Women Running Small Businesses On Their Own And Absolutely Crushing It

Three more reasons why you should shop local.

By Guest Styler | 7th January 2019

Being a start-up business is pretty challenging. Not only are you faced with producing a product on your own, but you also have to be the director, manager, marketing guru, and salesperson too. While it’s an absolute mammoth task, there are three Brisbane women doing it all, and doing a darn good job at it. We spoke to Telina Philben, Charlotte Chan, and Emily George about their small business, and how they’re running them all on their own.


Customised cake art by Telina Philben

How long have you been running your business?
Bake:Time has been around for years as I’ve always baked for friends and family. It wasn’t until May 2018 that I decided to put the time in and properly get my brand up and running.

How did you get your brand up and running?
I’m also a Graphic Designer, so creating a brand was the easy part. After creating a logo and business cards I then made sure my social media content looked fresh and was always up to date with treats I had been baking. From there I slowly started building followers and with that came clientele and the word soon spread.

What future plans do you have for your brand?
Continue to grow clientele and maybe one day have a pop-up store in Brisbane.

Pixie Dust Calligraphy

Handwritten modern calligraphy, brush lettering, and workshops by Charlotte Chan.

Who gave you the idea to start your business?
One of my girlfriends! I learned calligraphy specifically to do my own wedding stationery, but I ended up getting married overseas. Since then I’ve been putting my calligraphy videos on Instagram, and then one day my friend asked if I’d teach people, so I set up my very first workshop.

What do you love most about running your business?
I receive such lovely inquiries from all over the world! The furthest I have sent my agates place cards for a wedding was to Austria! It’s always such a wonderful treat to see my work published, whether digitally, in print or a physical product (when The Daily Edited approached me to print my calligraphy script onto their personalised items).

Some tips for up-and-coming business owners or people who want to start up a label/brand?
Just do it – don’t be intimidated. If you don’t at ask the question, there is no way you can know if somebody might say yes.

Lucent Bottle

Premium crystal-infused water bottles by Emily George.


Who/what gave you the idea to start your business?
I actually just started by looking at untapped niches in Australia and I saw that crystal-infused water bottles were very popular overseas but there was a lack of suppliers in Australia so I decided to run with it.

What did you do before starting up your brand?
I have dabbled in everything online from fashion blogging, freelance web design, social media management, affiliate marketing and drop shipping, but found my true passion in e-commerce. Whilst trying all these fields I have been completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Business at QUT and also working in Real Estate.

What excites you the most about your business?
I think more and more people are beginning to realise the benefits of spiritual awareness in their daily lives – manifestation, meditation, crystals etc. It is so exciting that my business is able to provide beautiful products that people can enjoy on their journey.

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