What Happened When I Replaced Coffee With Matcha For A Month

Never Too Matcha

By Montana Hayes | 20th March 2024

Walk into any coffee shop and you’re bound to spot that green powder we’re all going gaga for rn – yes it’s matcha. Trust me, there’s a boatload of reasons why matcha is all the rage, enough to convince even the most die-hard coffee lovers to give it a whirl (case in point, me). And with strawberry matcha flooding our feeds like there’s no tomorrow, it’s hard to resist the curiosity. 

With more and more Aussies jumping on the matcha bandwagon, the chatter on whether Matcha is the new-go to bev has become quite the hot topic. So, as a recovering coffee addict who would drink copious amounts of caffeine on the daily, on a mission to switch things up, I tried matcha for 30 days to see whether it really is the bee’s knees. Here’s the tea.


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Week One: 

I was keen on ensuring I got the most out of my month-long experiment and enjoying the matcha ritual just as much as I did with coffee. I definitely underestimated the process of making a matcha. It’s not as simple as pressing a button on the coffee machine and chugging it back in one gulp; there’s a lot more involved.

So, with that said, the real challenge (for me) in adding matcha to my daily routine involved perfecting and simplifying my matcha latte recipe. To create my new morning pick-me-up, I used Sipspa’s Everyday Premium Matcha and it blew my mind when I first tasted it. Smooth, not too strong, and with no pesky caffeine withdrawals, it had me lining straight back up for more.

Week Two: 

I’m not going to lie, the second week was a bit of a roller coaster for me; I found myself somewhat tense. It might have been because everyone I encountered seemed to have a steaming cup of coffee clutched in hand without fail. But hey, despite feeling a tad on edge, I didn’t crash and burn with fatigue, which was a win. Moreover, the nutritional perks of Sipspa’s matcha provided ample motivation for me to keep on keeping on. Cheers to a healthier heart, am I right?

Weeks Three & Four:

The last two weeks were smooth sailing. I started enjoying the matcha-making process – it forced me to slow down in the morning. Suddenly my mornings were not all about swallowing my morning coffee all in one gulp. By now, I wasn’t experiencing any side effects from a lack of caffeine. Honestly, I can’t say I missed my rushed morning coffee at this point. I noticed I had more energy which could be thanks to the fact green tea has been shown to boost memory, aid cognitive enhancement and overall make you feel calmer. Depending on how your body metabolises coffee, it can give you an energy boost, which ultimately is followed by that long-awaited crash later on. With the help of the slow burn of matcha, say buh-bye to that 3pm slump.

Switching from coffee to matcha for a month has been a game-changer for me. No more caffeine-induced anxiety, jitters, or headaches. With that said, am I giving up coffee completely? Not a chance. I still love a good iced oat latte. However, matcha has definitely earned itself a top spot in my morning routine. You can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be sippin’ on it for the foreseeable future. 

So folks, if you’re anything like I was, and overtly intrigued by the matcha bandwagon, Sipspa is definitely the best in the biz. From premium everyday matcha to ceremonial grade and lots of different bundles to kickstart your journey with, it’s a matcha made in heaven.

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By Montana Hayes Wine lover, bad date survivor, and full-time cat mum, Montana’s life is all about the plot.



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