Are Run Clubs The New Dating Apps?

On your marks 

By Stamatina Notaras | 27th February 2024

Just when we thought the days of meeting your lover off-screen were gone, run clubs have swooped in to save the day. Run club content is taking the social media world by storm with quirky reels and humorous TikToks infiltrating our feeds.

So, what exactly is the draw card when it comes to running clubs? Simple. It’s the banding together of like-minded people with a shared passion for hydration gels, Strava posts, and swapping hungover Sundays for sweaty sessions. As well as turning perfect strangers into morning coffee buddies, opting into this latest fitness craze might even see you hitting the pavement with a potential lover. 

@sofiesparklessSee you on Saturday morning 🤝🏼 6.30am from Yolk @ Gasworks♬ Careless Whisper – George Michael

They say love grows in vulnerable moments. Name a moment more vulnerable than when you’re in the pits nearing the end of a 5km run, sweaty-faced, and tomato-red – it’s up there! 

As a runner myself, I can vouch for the benefits that come from being part of a run club community. You already know their morning people (rare finds), you find sunrise companions, and you won’t get eye-rolled when you start talking about pace and PBs.

I myself witnessed the aphrodisiac that is run clubs one fine morning at my club, Run Society. While catching our breaths, my friend mentioned that he had started dating someone from another run club. A modern-day love story! Nevertheless, with the desire to ditch the dance that comes with online dating, failed talking stages, and dud dates, it’s more apparent than ever that Gen Zs are running at the chance for face-to-face meet-cutes, and catfish-free first encounters.

And, as far as activities go, it’s hard to find affordable ones where you not only meet new like-minded people, but you can catch up with old ones, straying away from the usual dinner or drink. Don’t get us wrong, we love dinner and drinks as much as the next person. But variety is the spice of life (and you won’t be spending $25 on a cocktail). So in girl maths, that’s a lot of savings on your hands! 

So if you’re still deciding whether running club is for you, here’s your sign to lace up and hit the pavement with your local run club.

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By Stamatina Notaras Caffeinated and chaotic, our resident Greek goddess Stamatina is often heard before she is seen.



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