My Weekend With The Lexus LBX: Here’s What I Thought

Smooth operator

By Kiri Johnston | 17th May 2024

Sleek, smooth, and zippy—that’s the Lexus LBX in a nutshell.

Arriving at Lexus of Brisbane to pick up the car for my weekend test drive, the team swiftly presented the Midnight Sapphire Two-Tone model, looking slick and ready to roll. After a detailed rundown of its features and syncing my phone to Apple CarPlay, I was off.

The All-New Lexus LBX is the ultimate city car, perfectly suited for a city slicker like me. Compact yet reimagining the modern city SUV, it’s loaded with connected technology inside and exudes confidence on the outside, ensuring a dynamic entrance with every arrival.

With a weekend of plans ahead, my boyfriend and I wasted no time hitting the road early in the morning. The heated steering wheel provided a warming touch to start the trip, leaving excellent first impressions. A quick detour for a coffee and croissant stop at Darvella in Bulimba was essential, before continuing our adventure.


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Our destination? Mount Tamborine. And let me tell you, the LBX handled the journey like a champ, navigating smooth highways and winding roads effortlessly. With options like Luxury and Sports Luxury grades, the Lexus LBX lets you hit the road with confidence, transitioning seamlessly from weekday routines to weekend escapes.

Inside, the Luxury grade felt plush and inviting, with intuitive touchscreen controls making navigation easy and fuss-free. Ever heard of the Tazuna Concept? It’s like having your command centre at your fingertips, designed to keep you focused on the road with everything within reach.

But let’s talk style—the LBX isn’t just a car; it’s an extension of your personality. With a vibrant range of colours and a sleek design, it’s understated luxury at its best.

And driving? Smooth as butter. The LBX feels like an extension of yourself, responding readily to every move.

When it comes to safety, the Lexus LBX boasts a suite of features for ultimate peace of mind on the road. The e-latch system makes door handling simple, locking and unlocking with just a switch. Plus, no need to worry about unintentional door openings—the LBX automatically locks them when you hit speeds over 4km/h.

Here’s a cool safety feature: the door switch inside the vehicle is linked to the Safe Exit Assist system, deactivating when there’s a risk of bumping into approaching cars from behind.

And the little details, like programmable touch-sensor switches on the steering wheel, make life that little bit easier. Don’t you love that?

Arriving at Mount Tamborine, parking was easy thanks to the car’s dynamic features. We secured a carpark easily with its beeping system and reversing cameras, making parallel parking almost flawless (for once).

Driving through the area of Tamborine was a breeze in the compact SUV. We first stopped at Main Western Road to check out the area before playing tourist up at Gallery Walk, exploring local cafes, stores, and art galleries. Our last stop was Curtis Falls, where we walked through the lush rainforest down to the waterfall, which was totally worth it, by the way.

As we got back in the car to head home, it was my boyfriend’s turn to drive. I kicked back and enjoyed being ‘passenger princess’ on our way back to Brisbane. Thanks to the comfortable, smooth, and quiet nature of the car, I couldn’t help but doze off during the drive—and that says it all. It was the perfect end to our day out.

By Kiri Johnston A matcha enthusiast with a relentless online shopping addiction, often spotted poolside with her beloved dogs.




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