Off the back of the success of his breakout TV series, The Other Guy, Brissie boy Matt Okine is preparing to take his new stand-up show, The Hat Game, on the road later this year, stopping off in the River City as part of the Brisbane Comedy Festival.

Last year was a massive year for the comedian, who won the hearts of many during his three-year stint behind the desk on Triple J mornings, along with co-host and good mate Alex Dyson. Fresh from a two and a half month-long trip travelling around Europe, Matt has had some time to reflect on his accomplishments.

“I learnt a lot last year. In terms of how to write a show and the process around that, but also about managing myself and not wearing myself out. There were times where everything was going great, but I got tired. I got really tired in the middle there,” Okine muses.

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“I also got fat. I just ate and drank every day (of the trip) without any regard for my body whatsoever, and it turns out my body keeps a tab on all these things and is not letting me go lightly. I’ll be paying the price of that trip for a few years to come.”

With his sole focus for the start of 2018 being stand-up, The Hat Game promises to be peppered with the trademark Okine humour we’ve all come to love.

“I’ve got a bit more time on my hands now to make a really good show. There are few things going on in the world that I want to get my hands on and flesh out. There are things in the last 12 months that I can’t not talk about. I try to ride the line between saying something worth saying and absolute stupidity. While I was thinking about intense things such as the national plebiscite, I also thought about how envelopes are basically just shit origami. There’s always an element of stupidity in everything I do.”

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It’s this element of stupidity that has fans of his Stan series eager to see a second season of his semi-autobiographical show.

“If it was up to me, and solely me, we’d be filming right now. There are so many different parties involved in making a TV show. All I can really do is come up with a good reason to make season two.”

But for now, the multi-award-winning comedian is just looking forward to getting back to his hometown to perform.
“It never stops being fun for me. Brisbane is so my home. If my dad wouldn’t get so angry with me, I would get a #4000 tatt on my neck.”

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